Rainbow of Tulips anticipation

Peoria, IL(Zone 5a)

I thought I would share the new tulip bed that I planted last fall. I am eagerly awaiting the blooms as this is only the second time that I have ever planted tulips. I put in about a dozen different varieties arranged according to height and bloom time which was a bit of a challenge since I have very little experience with tulips. I put in approximately 600 bulbs in this bed. I had 764 bulbs but I didnít want them too crowded in the bed.

There is a lot of wildlife in this area but I am ready for that. I have two types of animal repellants ready to go out within the next two weeks before the tulips start coming up.

Last fall my partner and I bought an old pet cemetery from a county tax sale. Many older people here were worried that someone would buy the property and tear out the cemetery that has been there since the 1960's. We bought it to protect it. When a pet dies it is said that they cross a Rainbow Bridge. This pet cemetery has a small foot bridge at the entrance so I thought that a rainbow shaped tulip bed would be appropriate at the entrance.

I will post more pictures throughout the spring to show the different stages of blooms and colors. According to my last years photos here at the house, the tulips should start emerging before the end of this month. It will be interesting to see if I did this right. Only one variety is super short with much smaller bulbs so they were added once I filled in the bed halfway. I had to use a very large sifter to remove a ton of coal cinders that had been dumped in this area long ago. It took me two days to do this. One day to dig the 8Ē deep hole and one day to plant it.

These are the varieties I had. I planted most of the ones in low quantities at the house in a new bed just for them.
17 Apricot Beauty
87 Peppermint Stick
77 Banja Luca
67 Apricot Impression
40 Attila
65 Ice Follies
17 Princess Irene
90 Lucky Strike
10 Rosalie
30 Silver Dollar
10 White Elegance
85 World Expression
89 Twister
12 Purple Prince
7 Menton
12 Maureen
22 Angelique
17 Lilac Perfection
10 Spring Green

764 total

This first pic shows the area where I put the new bed.

Thumbnail by franknjim
Peoria, IL(Zone 5a)

This shows the finished hole.

Thumbnail by franknjim
Peoria, IL(Zone 5a)

This shows the majority of tulip bulbs placed.

Thumbnail by franknjim
Peoria, IL(Zone 5a)

This shows how I sifted out the coal cinders from the soil. The sifter is 4' wide.

Thumbnail by franknjim
Peoria, IL(Zone 5a)

This shows the filled in bed.

Thumbnail by franknjim
Peoria, IL(Zone 5a)

And this is the guy that did it. Me. Frank.

Thumbnail by franknjim
Portland, OR(Zone 8b)

Wow Frank. That is a lot of work. And what a nice idea. That space is going to be filled with wonderful color in a few weeks. You picked some really great varieties. I am looking forward to seeing the pics when they bloom.
I have a couple groupings of Angelique. I love tulips but for some reason they don't grow well for me.
Did you buy the pet cemetary to have more space to garden? It's a great idea.

Peoria, IL(Zone 5a)

There were a lot of elderly people that have pets buried there and I didn't think that they should have to be upset about what was going on with the property. We had the means to buy it and make sure that no one can ever disturb it. We had to buy a riding mower and a trailer to haul it with so that I can start taking care of the place in the spring. Some people in their 80's had been taking care of the place just becuase they had pets there. I hate mowing grass and have almost all grass removed from the yards at the house. I will plant many things at Pet Haven as I am always propagating things. My main thing is hosta so there will be many planted there.

Duluth, GA(Zone 7b)

Can't wait to see your blooms. the colors are going to be amazing.

North Shore of L. I., NY(Zone 6b)

Wow, you sure did a fantastic job. Can't wait too see pictures when they are blooming.

Peoria, IL(Zone 5a)

I went to put out a couple types of animal repellant for the tulips before they start coming up and found that there has already been damage done by a groundhog. Tunnels all over the place in the big bed. I doubt he got all of them but I know there will be quite a few missing. I had seen the critter last fall peeking out from underneath the bridge where it lives. I won't do anything to try and get rid of it since I am a bigtime animal lover. Will see what happens and maybe I will have to come up with something to try and protect the bed from it. There is a lot of wildlife in that area so I will just have to deal with it the best I can.

Southern, United States

What kind thoughts for the pet owners. I hope they appreciate it! I can't wait to see all your blooms. How exciting!

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