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Cincinnati Goshawk?

Cincinnati, OH

In recent yrs, beginning 2007, my neighbor & I have watched a Goshawk (my I'd) take Mourning Dove and try for English Sparrows. Member of a reputable bird-watch Org says it isn't so. I say it is.

Cincinnati, OH

My I'd is based on Field Guide, on-line comparative pics,hunt method,& physical SIZE. This bird is big.NOT a Red-Tailed. Had a RT using the top of my bat-box post for 2 years. RT disappeared one week after sighting Goshawk (2 weeks).Took a while to I'd the bird. Coopers' continue to make appearances.

Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Unlikely, but not impossible - the main reason being habitat; Goshawks are very wary of humans and human habitats, and just don't use places close to habitation. The one exception is if it is an escaped falconer's bird which is habituated to people. Goshawks are popular with falconers, and do escape from time to time. I'd say this is the most likely origin of your sighting.


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