Miracle Grow @ Ace Hardware

Auburn, AL(Zone 8a)

Ace has MG 2 cu ft bags on sale for 9.99 and then they have a mail in rebate for 3.00, also have seed starting mix for .99 after mail in rebate. If you go to the website they also have a 10.00 off coupon you can print for 10.00 of a 50.00 purchase.

Washington, DC(Zone 7a)

I got really excited about these awesome savings, but I'm worried about the fertilizer. Have you used it before? What are the numbers of it?

Also the rebate is limited to two bags of this:

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

That's not a good deal if you live near a Walmart - their 2 c.f. bag of MG is 10 dollars any day of the week, all year long. Ace has just priced it as it should be!

Auburn, AL(Zone 8a)

Kay my Wal-Mart didn't carry it in that size for that price, Lowes price was 11.97 and HD 13.64, so this was the best deal. Kindle, I have used MG for several years..but in EB's so not sure what you use it for.

Washington, DC(Zone 7a)

araness - I'm using it for Ebuckets as well! Also, in the metropolitan DC area, the closest wal-mart is waaaaay too far away for me to justify the cost of the gas to get there. The Ace hardware is just in the next neighborhood. For me, this is probably the best deal in the area as all the local garden centers are posh upscale places, and while their mix is really good, it's also really expensive.

Thanks for the info!

Auburn, AL(Zone 8a)

I know Kindle, I found some Sunshine that I wanted to use at a local nursery but the cost really made it impossible. With 18 EB's and a 4x4 raised bed I had to make compromises. LOL if it was up to me I'd have Pro Mix BX but for some reason the DH balks at the price.

Crestview, FL

Araness: EEks, I just went to Ace today to pick up 3 bags of garden soil and compost for my hilling of my potatoes in smart pots, and I was in a hurry so missed the sale. I think I have enough coir left though to do what I gotta do this Spring. I also got the two 3 tiered strawberry pyramid self watering gardens from Gurney's today. They had a 3 day sale at 50% off, and I got it just in time, got both for $49,99 and that is with the shipping and handling included as they were only $20 each!! Anyone know where to get red rubber washers? I bought these black plastic ones and they aren't worth a flip, I managed to find an old red rubber one in the kitchen drawer; but, will need more this Spring I'm sure.


Brady, TX(Zone 8a)

I live in a small town and have limited shopping spots (Ace Hdw, Wally-World and a couple of local businesses, but it seems there must be a run on rubber washers (and other good ones) as I've only found o-rings which I don't care for.

Pembroke Pines, FL(Zone 10a)

Hi everyone! Haven't been to busy because of pain. My shoulders finally gave out. (Rheu-
matoid Arthritis) Now I must have surgery and am useless. Joy is flying down to help me set up my melon garden. I'm giving the rest of my EBs to her disabled friend and keep only three for myself,

A tip on fertilizer for EBs or E buckets is not to use to much and normally no stronger than 2 cups of 10-10-10. I've tried different strengths through the years but always came back to the plain ole simple to get 10-10-10. Every two years I dump in a cup of dolomie lime and mix it in to keep the soil sweet.

Auburn, AL(Zone 8a)

I'm with you Tplant, I've tried up and down the fertilizer scale and we've settled on 10-10-10 as well. I've added a raised bed this year for okra and melons and am a bit lost as I don't know how to grow in anything other than EB's.

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

Don't worry, girlie. eBuckets are on the way!

Pembroke Pines, FL(Zone 10a)

araness-- Just mix the fertilizer in the mix with some lime and wet it down. Let it stand for two days and then plant. NO PROBLEM!!!!!

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