Raised bed gets morning sun...suggestions on what to plant?

Lombard, IL(Zone 5a)

My DH is in the process of building me a couple of raised vegetable beds. One will be placed in full sun and the other will be placed in a spot that only gets morning sun, but is an IDEAL spot considering its close proximity to my back stairs/kitchen. Does anyone have any suggestions on what can be grown in that bed successfully? I'm definitely going to try snap peas and green beans, but need some other ideas to fill the space. The raised beds are 4x8. I live in zone 5. Thanks in advance.

Magnolia, TX(Zone 8b)


Hutto, TX(Zone 8b)

Do you already have herbs? I like to grow basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, and cilantro (I do live in Texas, and salsa is a must). Herbs should do well with part-day sun. You could also grow leaf lettuces, radishes, even green onions. All would be convenient near the kitchen.


Greeley, CO(Zone 5b)

I have an area that gets only morning sun and found that strawberries don't do well. I think it might be because we don't get the blistering heat like other places do. I have had success with lettuce, spinach, basil (it ends up a bit small, but flavor is good), rosemary, snap peas, red onions and cilantro.
Good luck!

Philomath, OR

I have a spot like that as well. My successes have largely been leafy greens - spinach, chard, lettuce, etc. Some herbs are happy there as well. If you want something a bit more permanent, I've found the raspberry and rhubarb both don't mind only getting morning sun.

St. Louis County, MO(Zone 5a)

I had nice success with a trellis growing cucumbers in a partly shaded spot. They took a little longer to produce, but lasted longer than those in full sun and didn't get huge overnight.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 9a)

Almost all of my EBs and raised beds are up against the east wall of my home so they only get morning sun. Everything in them grows as good as the veggies I have out in the full sun. My tomatoes and squash are already blooming . They get about six hours a day of full sun and tons of reflected light. I say give the veggies you love a try there. It may turn out well for you.

Greeley, CO(Zone 5b)


Did you have your cucumbers against the wall? I thought about putting some there, but did not know if they would do well w/ limited shade. I think I will give it a try and see what happens. I used to use that bed for strawberries and tomatoes, but they did not do well there. I was thinking about putting up some foil behind the trellis to help reflect the light to the back side of the plant.

How long is your growing season. I see you are in zone 5a as well as weasel and I are.


St. Louis County, MO(Zone 5a)

My cukes were out in the open on a corner of my flower garden, shaded by a tree a good part of the day. I was trying to screen an ugly shed in my neighbor's yard and decided to use veggies instead of flowers, figured I had nothing to lose except a few seeds. I started them in a peat pot first to get them going. Green beans grew but didn't produce.

Greeley, CO(Zone 5b)

Thanks, I will give it a shot. I am also going to fill it up w/ herbs since it is close to the house. I have heard that potatoes do well with morning sun/afternoon shade so I am going to give that a shot.

Have you decided what are going to plant?

Lombard, IL(Zone 5a)

Wow! Thanks for all your suggestions. So here's what I decided to plant in that bed:

bush beans (Renegade) and snap peas (Super Sugar) closest to the brick wall

Brussels sprouts (Roodnerf)

radishes (French Breakfast, Pink Lady Slipper, Red Meat)- could you tell I like radishes?

carrots (Purple Haze)

lettuce (Wild Garden Mix), although I may plant these in containers so I have room for more radishes. ;)

If I have room, I'll also throw in some sweet peppers (Tequila Sunrise, Red Ruffled)
and a pickle (Mexican Sour Gherkin). These are more or less an experiment. I will also have these planted in the bed that gets full sun.

I do grow herbs, but usually stick to pots because I like how they look on the back steps. This year I'll grow basil, chives, mint and dill.

Thanks again for all the suggestions.

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