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New Rules for OTC Purchases

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

Apparently, OTC meds will now only be reimbursed for Flex-Spending Accounts if accompanied by a PRESCRIPTION. That's right. You will need to see your Dr and get a prescription for aspirin, tylenol, and other such OTC products if you want to be reimbursed for them on your flex spending program. I'm not sure if all states have implemented this yet, but it apparently applies to all and has been implemented already in some areas.

Drs are going crazy. They obviously don't have time to write a handful of prescripts for everything we buy OTC. Plus they have concerns regarding lawsuits for every OTC product that harms someone for whom they've written a script. Some are refusing to write such scripts. Others have instituted a fee of $5 or even $10 per OTC script - which would seem to negate any savings from Flex Spending on these items.

It's a problem for pharmacists as well. Normally, they only dispense prescript items which are behind the counter. Not sure how they will handle this - not to mention the time issue as most are already swamped with 'real' scripts.

As for us, well, I don't have the time (off from work) to run to the Dr for scripts for all the things I use. I will probably just stop including OTC items in my Flex Spending reimbursements once this comes to my area, if it hasn't already.

Just wondering if others have been made aware of this yet and/or it has already been implemented in your area? Also wondering how you are handling this and how it's working out for you (if it is already in place in your area).

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