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Let's Chat, "Mid At" ! Whatever, whoever, yak away

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Mid At's and Friends, lets chat here. Open to anything! Here's the place for daily check ins, random comments, anything at all, to help us keep TOPIC threads a little cleaner. and feel free to check out our topical threads, too.

Those are two fun pots we saw at the nursery in Frederick possibly the first Feb Seed Swap. Such fun!

I am liking todays sunshine--heard we had 2.3 inches of rain at the closest official measuring site yesterday, midday and we still had some more after that. It was pretty sloppy doing errands in that. I came home with wet shoes and socks and damp jeans- blech.

So what's new?

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Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

Today is my every other Friday off from work. I love these Fridays - I spend time doing much needed chores and relaxing doing whatever I feel like. Just got back from a Walmart run - how does it seem possible to spend $100.00 on toilet paper, laundry detergent, and such???

I'm sitting down for a spell, and then doing more with my seeds - so many have sprouted, need to get them under the shelf lights before they get too spindly. I have about 20 more packets to sow too. I've had seed soil in a bowl in the kitchen sink for three weeks now and plant trays are spread out all over the counters. No cooking going on in this kitchen these days LOL... I think a nap is in order this afternoon too. Terri

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Hi Terri!
We enjoy that every other Friday thing here too- one of the best innovations to the professional schedule in a long time. Though I am not a professional these days- maybe a professional jack of all suburban trades...not white collar, maybe with writing for DG I am considered white bathrobe!

Tell me about that those prices! I am not a wild shopper and its hard to understand how I spend a hundred dollars at the food store, seems like every DAY! (not really) The best thing I can do about that is to know what we really NEED (Yes one son NEEDS pop tarts) and use sales to always have it on hand at the best price. I stay out of the giant box stores though- it semed that when I had TOO many of the graniola bar or whatever, they get eaten that much faster. Still, comparing prices can save me example, 50 cents on muffin mix every box which is a 20% savings over randomly buying it at the more expensive store.

I started to make a seed database t help me scan thru what needs to be planted when. Thats in progres...meanwhile I have a hundred various packets strewn on the floor here and can NOT decide on how I'd like to try and sort and organize them. Veg, flower, annual, perennial, wildflowers, spring planting, summer only, purely alpha order.....AAAGGHHH! Trying to focus- if I make the database I can do alpha. How to hold them, envelopes. baggies, boxes? AAGGHH!!! ROFL

Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

I finally ended up sorting mine by category: Veg, Herb, Flower (annual), Flower (perennial) - and then sorting alpha order within the category. I bought one of the cheapo photo boxes and put each variety in its own long white envelope - aka, Gita's setup that she brings to the seed swaps - works well, and keeps them in one place. Then I made a spreadsheet to itemize what I had, and use that to change sorting - can sort just how I physically organized them, or can re-sort by planting time. I put notes on what date I sowed them this year, and trying to put the day I see them germinate - we'll see, I'm notorious for starting strong on organization techniques and then watching it go all to @!x% in a handbasket when my interest diverts elsewhere LOL!!!

Oh, and yes like your poptarts, I needed the Little Debbie oatmeal pies and potato chips that were on sale - universal law holds true here too that two boxes get eaten just as fast as one box, hmmmmm how interesting...

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Terri, I really like the sound of your sorting! I will do it! Got the right level of complexity and use of envelopes. I didn't really want to make 26 envelopes. That idea was too much trouble for me.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Thank you all for recognizing my way of sorting seeds.
Works for me and all the swappers--I hope....

Since I use only common names--it is easier for others who, like me,
have NO idea of horticultural names. I know they have their use.....
If someone has just the Horticultural names on a seed packet--I do not
really know what that plant is...

After the Swap--I took my box to work and let a few gardeners there go at it.
Most of them took the Tomato and Basil seeds.
Flowers are not everyone's bag.......

Talking about frugal shopping..."Superfresh" has come out with something new...

You sign up on line at
After registering--click to see ALL the coupons available.
On each coupon is : "Save this". If you click on it--it will say "saved".
Here's the neat thing--it automatically goes on your shoppers account
(the cards all the stores have), and when you buy any of the "saved" items--
the amount comes off automatically.
AND!!! You can still use regular grocery coupons on top of the on line discounts.

Every week--in their ad--you will see things on sale and it will also say:
"Save an additional $2 or $3".-- with a little :computer mouse next to it.

SO--You have a sale price--minus the on line coupon--minus any regular
grocery coupons you have (SF doubles those up to 99 cents besides)...

Gotta shop smart....specially like Sally--with three "starving" teenagers around.

"Aldis" is also very good! If you have one close by.


Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

That Superfresh thing sounds great! SF is across the street from my job, maybe I should chek that out.

Getting near time to start tomatos- what do you think Gita?

(Total change of topic- I love the Old Spice guy- with the series of funny commercials-- Walmart had a video loop of him playing on a little monitor in the store. I just stopped short when I heard that lovely bass voice say "Ladies....") So yeah that was ME giggling and blushing in the deodorant aisle.!)

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


I planted all my seeds already--Friday, march4th.
All the basil is up. All the zinnias are up. Angelonias came up in 3 days!
Dill is up. Some Tomatoes and some parsley is up too.

Not going to do Daturas this year. They take up too much space and I have plenty of seeds.
Not going to do Cleomies either. They were bizarre! I am sure there will be volunteers though.

Sally--IF you do the Superfresh thing--you need to have their little card--they are free.
You know--the ones they always scan so you can have the sale prices....

OK! My goal today is to vacuum the whole downstairs.
I will have company here the week of April 5th. Four people....gotta get a few things done!


Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Well I better get on my tomatoes then.

Remember my monster Sunflower last year? It grows in a south facng bed and loves the heat. The dropped seeds are already sprouting in that bed for this year. So that shows how much warmer that soil is right now.
I am also cleaning and decluttering for some crochet pals tomorrow. I bought yummy delicious tropical colored cotton yarn and will be making a summer handbag. Well also today need to go buy a few yummy delish light refreshments.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Hey Sally, I was thinking we needed a general chat thread. It's been awhile since we had one. When I was working I had 4 10hr work days a week. It wouldn't work for everyone but I really loved it. I surprised everyone when instead of taking a Friday or Monday to get a long weekend I picked Wednesday as my day off. That way I only worked 2 days in a row. Made my weeks so much easier.
I did get a few seeds planted but I have plenty more to sow. I have been potting up all the new plants lately.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Yummy cotton yarn to play with. It was pretty out today, but I stayed in (mostly) and started a handbag, just playing with basic stitches and stripes of color oughta work out.
I can see where you'd like that schedule.

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Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Beautiful colors combo--Sally!

Are you going to line your bag with something to keep it from stretching
way out? Muslin would be good......maybe a sturdy knit fabric?

I worked until 6PM today--so this nice weather did not give me a chance to clean up
around my garden....Not much I can do--really--except catch up on cleaning/raking
that I never go to last fall--as BAM! the cold hit!

Off tomorrow---will continue cleaning up the club room where 2 of my guests will be
sleeping in the bedroom just next to it. Bathroom is almost done!
Yesterday--I vacuumed all the spider webs and nests away. Man! They sure set up
housekeeping on the bottoms of furniture! YUK!

Tomorrow--I will deal with the endless collections on all the windowsills and shelves
and the entertainment center.....Lots and lots of small things on there.....hasn't been
dusted in a few years....No one goes down there--not even me. I just pass throught it
on my way to the Laundry Room or the Shop.....


Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

(smile) Yes I will make a liner for the bag and even some custom pockets on the sides inside. Hm, sunglasses, cell phone, pens...My 'winter' handbag has a million pockets and slots, so my wallet is small now.

The good cleaning of spidery things WILL reduce them for awhile I believe, at least did for me once.

I got teacups out of my small china cabinet yesterday. Amazing that dust can eventually get inside a cabinet, slowly but surely.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Sally--My hutch is regular size and has a lot of glasses and plates and some crystal stuff
in it.....Never use any of it! But--some of it is priceless--such as my
grandparents 25th wedding anniversary present--a heavy, deeply cut, crystal brandy sniffer
bottle--collared in Sterling Silver and engraved with well wishes --and 10 small crystal
shot glasses--with SS bottoms....
How my Mom had the presence of mind to take this along we fled--I do not know....
Must have meant a lot to her as well.....
This supports my idea that she had already packed all things important and
necessary for life and was just awaiting the inevitable moment to "get out"....
That moment came one day when someone came and told her the last ship
was leaving in 2 hours. We either got on it--or we were doomed to stay.
I still remember the frenzied packing----

She had packed the old sewing machine--many 100% linen sheets and towels--
photos--our baby plates and SS spoons, some food etc...etc....
So much got left behind, though, for the Soviets to come in the next day and
ransack everything. Neighbors did as well....One took out Grand Piano....

Oh well--I don't want to get into this too deep...It is long past....
Lets just say--we started our lives all over when we came here.....
That is why the few, special things mean so much to us.

Hey! It will be 60* by the late afternoon today.....Hopefully, I will get outside to clean up a bit.
Time to prune the Roses too! Just above an outward-facing bud. Angle your cuts downward....
Allan Summers always said to Spring-fertilize your Roses--"When the Forsythias bloom".....
and--along with the first feeding--to put a hand-full of Epsom Salts around each Rose Bush.
This stimulated new canes to come from below.....Always works for me!

Enjoy this beautiful day! Gita

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

It would be a good idea to print some of the background like that and tuck it in with the cyrstal etc. fro your daughters. My MIL gave me some old jewelry and I was in a pizza shop with the family and with her, writing on a napkin who the family names were and what the things were. Hope I put that napkin WITH the pieces!

Good timely rose tips!

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


My daughter here--Aina--took it upon herself a couple of years ago to make a memorable CD.

We all (my sisters and cousins) gathered as many pictures we could find m with most of
them coming from the ones my Mom brought along. There are some very old pictures there...
like of my Grandfather at 14. he was already dead when I was born....

Then Aina spent forever restoring many of the damages on several pictures. Dop you know
how that has to be done? You bring up the picture in some kind of Photo Shop program--
and then--pixel by pixel, try to match the colors of the damaged areas. She has the patience of a saint!

Then--all the pictures, with accompanying stories and ID's, were put on a CD.
Everyone in our whole extended family wanted a cd--and Aina charged each of them $30 for her labors.

Then--a year later--knowing that I will never do it myself--Aina copied out every picture and put it in a
beautiful album and gave it to me as a gift. Ain't she something????

Here's Aina--at X-Mas 2009, hamming it up with her only male cousin, Karlis.

Thumbnail by Gitagal
Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

What a wonderful project!!!!!

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


By now I feel I need to almost have my own Thread---as I went through a million thoughts and
reminiscing about the 70' and the 80's as I cleaned and washed EVERY glass and Mug and
small shot glass and Wine glass I owned....
All the time listening to all seven LP's by Neil Diamond--tearing up on many of them....
Younger people today should hear these songs by Neil Diamond....
SO much depth in them!!!!

What a memory trip! Many of the glasses were from the many trips we had taken....
I wondered--WHY? do I need to save them....There was NO answer, of course.....
Just reminiscing of what l;life was like----and what I had back "THEN"....
WHAT I missed the most--or I would not be tearing up NOW!

All the trips we took--we either brought home beer/wine/shot glasses in our suitcases...
or all the rocks we collected--of course.....

I washed them all--dried them all--cleaned all the small, glass shelves, and--lovingly--
put them all back on the shelves.....remembering WHERE and WHY I brought each one home...
and hoping my daughters will remember WHY they were so special--and not just take them to the GOODWILL.

Went through seven Neil Diamond LP's while working on all this (OHHH! I will NEVER give these away!!!)--
shed a few tears at all the songs---......
It was so much "Soul Work"... I need that now and then!

Need to share WHY I need all this--but, as I said--I should open a new Thread on
"Baring your Soul".....


annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

Dear dearGita! So glad you had the courage and time to wash off and shine up your touchstones. Each time we honor the journies of our lives, our histories, I believe our "roots" grow deeper and we stand taller and clearer. To me, the blossoming forth of soul is glorious, like the long awaited arrival of Spring

Gita, did you know that Neil Diamond is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tonight?

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

AWWW, Judy!

NO! I did not know!!! Sorry if it was on TV and I missed it!!!

Thanks--You speak so deep! We could have a lot of interesting conversations....
I have a "deep" side to me as well...and a VERY emotional side as well....
I hide it well.....

I LOVE! LOVE! Neil Diamond!!! What a songwriter and a singer his is!
If you have not followed up with his songs---please try to listen to my
favorite two.

--Morningside"-----this will make you cry! I tear up all the time when I hear it....

There are several others that just touch my Soul...
He was good at hat--writing songs that touch one's Soul...
Teared up a lot today!!! Also drank a bottle of wine doing all the cleaning and listening....
It was a GOOD day!

I have the double album of his--called "Hot August Night". It is a recording of a
live concert.....SOOO amazing!

Seems Neal D. dropped out of the music scene for 7 yrs. to regroup mentally and psychologically.
In those 7 yrs. he wrote the most amazing songs--the ones we all know...

I think (??) the "Hot August Night" live Concert was his "come back" concert.....
and he brought forth all these new songs.....

I think ALL young people today should listen to his songs--and not be plugged into
some "Jive" stuff. There is NO meaning to today's music--with a few exceptions....
I actually like some of the later songs--(like from the 70's and 80's?)

Today--all I hear is screaming and yelling and crazy rock music.....
I'll take the old time stuff any day--because I AM old time!!!!

I always tell the younger ones at work--if you cannot sing along with it--it is NOT real music!

Love you, Judy! We are kindred souls!!!!


Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)


Do you have Neil's album the sound track for the movie Jonathan Livingston Seagull? Of his 30 or so albums this is probably the least known becauce it was not played on Popular Music stations, yet it went double platinum. Very different, but very Neil.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


I am not sure???? My favorite has always been the "Hot August Night" double album.

I know he wrote all thew music for the "Seagull" movie....later in life--not sure I have it.
I bet I could look in a Thrift Shop...thet havew so many records and I see all these young
people rifling through them. Hmmm??? Are the LP's coming back????
Record players seem to be......

I have so many LP's! Many of them are "other Countries" I am in that category,
Mostly here--with the Estonian House and Community. My Ex is Estonian--so we all were involved...
and I have spent years and years involved in 'doings" and participating in--folk dancing for 15 years,
learning to play their 37 string "Kannel"--working Festivals, learning to "almost" speak their language, etc...

That is all gone now----divorce took away all those friends.....It was hard--they all dropped off like flies...
I suppose after the great shock (my husband leaving me) none of them knew just how to process that.
So--they dropped out of my life as well.

Been on my own now for 20 years. have some new friends and involvements----just miss all of the
past ones....We were SOOO tight!

OK! Gotta go to work--and sit in my "cage".......Gita

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

By the way--the Clivia Gita gave me at Swap... Go ahead, go green with envy, after all today is the day to go green (grin)!

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Odenton, MD(Zone 7b)


Crozet, VA

Thanks for starting this thread Sally. I miss all you gals and like the idea of having a place where staying on topic is not expected. Dang ya'll, that has always come very hard for me. My pea brain races a mile a minute and is two miles down the road when the introduction to a topic is still be made. hahaha

Looking forward to getting to know all of you a bit better.


Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

WOW!!! Sally!!!! That was fast!!!!

Your Clivia is beautiful! I have 2 other bigger ones starting to bloom now as well.
The bloom stems are bending forward--desperate fir more light, I bet...
I tie them with a small, green string to the bunch of leaves around them..Works!
If only they got better light where I have them--they would bloom quicker.
They are a ways beck from my big, so-so lighted LR window.

As they start showing bloom buds emerging--I bring them up from the basement
and start watering more.
They ALL should be in some brighter light now--just don't know where I could ever put them!

I still have 3 of them down in the Shop...Five are now upstairs....Everything is so tight--
I cannot even walk around there to water things....

WHY, OHWHY do I do this to myself???????

Gita :o)

Mount Bethel, PA(Zone 6a)

That is a beautiful Clivia, Sally. I'll look for one even though I have NO MORE ROOM!!

Just the right temperature outside today to do some clean up. All the bushes pruned and beds raked in the front gardens. Another day for the back and sides and then the gardens away from the house. I aim to be ready to complete the planting of my seedlings and bulbs this year! (LOL with that).

While I was out there I freshened up the soil in three of my tier pots. I think I'm slightly ahead of where I was last year before I totally smashed up my wrist. It will be one year ago that I broke it, in May and that will be as good as it gets.

Still waiting for the tractor to come back and the delivery of the amended topsoil; then the fun begins.

On April 15th we'll be traveling down to Maryland to attend a "Hall of Fame" dinner for my SIL at Montgomery College. Anyone know what would be interesting to see in that area?

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Is that in Montgomery County, Rockville, Silver Spring, Laurel, anything ring a bell?? Try Brookside Gardens.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

I was outside yesterday for just a little while. Can't seem to get much time in the gardens always something else I need to do. My parents came yesterday for CornBeef and Cabbage after they left I did get out and clean up one of the beds. Today instead of going down to the Veggie Garden and working with Ric on the GH foundation I will be going to Josh's to help him move bedroom furniture and clean those two rooms. Last week I gave him a day stripping wallpaper. I know he will be here to help put up the GH and probably help with the pergola but right now all I want to do is work on my own stuff.

Mount Bethel, PA(Zone 6a)

Sally, we will be in Rockville and I will look at Brookside gardens.

Holly, that greenhouse in the near future will be worth anything that you need to do for Josh, I'm sure. We don't start any really difficult projects anymore, but.....a greenhouse!!!! One can dream.

annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

Hey Roses, the National Arboretum may be in glorious bloom then, too

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Wow yeah Azaleas? I've never been in spring.
Just more of a '' hike'' from Rockville

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Grumble B*%tch Moan, I've been to Josh's and back. Went early and we got a lot done in a short time. Usually I don't mind helping him out and I know I will get a lot of help from him if I need it. I didn't mind moving the furniture I think it was the cleaning part I wasn't to crazy of doing. LOL
I am home and heading out to the Veggie garden soon. I'm going to weed the flower bed down there while Ric starts digging the footer.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Will you be traveling down I-95? or another Route?

I am, literally, 5-7 minutes off of I-95 at Exit 67B (White marsh Blvd. Rt. #43)
It is about a mile and a half to my house.

If you want to swing by you could get a Clivia from me.
Please D-mail me if you are interested......I am off on Fridays.

Yesterday, I also did a lot of clean-up. Mostly raked all the leaves out of the beds
and from under my shrubbery in front. Got a whole big trash bag full!

Today--I may fertilize my lawn. I have a bag of "Milorganite". It is something like
28-0-4. With all the fuss lately about too much N and P in lawn fertilizers--
this is all organic and NO "P"....Here in MD it ends up in the Bay and feeds too many of
the Bay grasses....which block out the sun and do damage to the good grasses
lower down. Also affects the fishing industry.

One cannot use Milorganite on any edibles--just lawns and plants...It is said to have
traces of metals in it. It is the end product of Solid Waste management....
all the sanitary stuff, all the toilets we flush, etc....In other words--sewage.....

HD carries it. it is about $12 or $13 for a 40lb. bag. It is not a powder--but tiny,
uniform black grains. Has NO odor--in case you were wondering....

Here's one link. You can Google it yourself and get more info.


Mount Bethel, PA(Zone 6a)


We will be driven down by my SIL and I don't know what route he'll be taking or where they will want to stop according to the time and the comfort of their little boy. Thanks for your offer of the Clivia. If you can make it to my swap, you can stay overnight because of the distance that you'll be traveling.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Oh wise and wonderful Gita, Grower of extraordinary Brugmansia please bless me with your knowledge......
Ok I brought home a couple of brug cuttings from my friends house and I want to know if I can root them in water or should I use root tone and soil. They are the green tips from her growing plant not stored cuttings. Each one is about 12 inches long.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Wise??? Wonderful???? Bless you""" What gives?????

I have found that the tip cuttings of a Brug are not the best to root....they are "green"
It may not make it.....It is like a "Green" cutting vs, a somewhat "woody" cutting.
A true stem cutting will root the best and grow the best----just remember to take your cuttings
ABOVE the "Y"--or yo may not see blooms until the plant itself "Y"'s...
NO "Y"--NO blooms!!!!

I have been through all this--the water--the "bubbler" method----etc..Mine often just rotted out....

Woody--or ALL wood--works best....You could take a section of the main stem and stick it in a pot--
and it will root. Just prepare a 5" or 6" pot of fresh potting mix and stick the cutting in it--
ALL the way to the bottom. Rooting hormone helps--but I don't think is essential....
Place the pot in bright light---Keep it barely moist until you see new leaf growth.
Do the "tug test" to see if it is rooted....It will happen very fast....

As the leaves grow--they will use up more moisture--and require more watering.
Go by feel--as to when they need will know....

Holly--I cut my Brugs back every fall as i am about to bring them down to the Shop for
their winter's snooze....
At this time--I am soon going to bring them out to the "World"--very carefully!
Shade for a week first----then part sun---then brighter light----
You will be amazed how fast the recover after the winter's dormancy period!

If you have never grown Brugs before---here is my "primer" on Brug care.....

I warn you--they are addictive!!! Then you start hating them for their needs and cate....


Re Brugmansias-----...
Spring and Fall and Winter care….by Gita

I plant my Brugs Pot-in-Pot...By that I mean---get a black, or other cheap, plastic, 2-3gal. pot and cut 4-5 1" holes around the lower half of the pot (for the roots to grow out of--if they need to) and then sink THIS pot 1/2-3/4's of the way into a much bigger Patio pot, or in a flower bed--leaving the rest of the smaller pot sticking out above the soil level.

This provides the Brugs with the cooler temps the roots like---keeps them from drying out as quickly--and also keeps them from blowing over in windy storms. Still--I have had even the bigger pots of Brugs blow over if they were Pot-in-Pot above ground---like on a patio. Their leaves act as parachutes...BAM! Over they go!!!!
I put 2-3 bricks on top of the pot to try to counteract this...Works sometimes???? Sometimes NOT!

When it comes time to bring your Brugs in for the Winter--lift the smaller pot out of the big pots--or the flowerbed-- YES! You will have to sever the roots that grew out those holes and trim off any remaining roots sticking out— NO HARM DONE!
Put a plastic bag around that pot for the winter--to keep the exposed roots from drying out--and haul the whole thing into your basement. Light is not necessary—but OK
if you have some. I have NO light to speak of, and they make it OK.
Unheated garages are not the greatest--unless you can run a small heater in there--just to keep the temps above freezing...Water just a tiny bit during this dormancy period.
You can also remove most of the leaves before bringing the plants in,
as they will fall off anyway. Leave the leaves on the stem-tips be!

IF your Brug has grown all wide and big during the Summer--you will have to prune it back--just try not to prune below the first "Y" of the stem...Brugs HAVE TO "Y" before they can bloom! Simple as that!
Rooting cuttings taken from above the "Y" will guarantee sooner bloom the following year. Stem cuttings taken from below the 1st "Y" root just as well--but you will now have to wait until that stem cutting grows tall and “Y"s on it's own before expecting any blooms from your new Brug. Sometimes this won't be before October.

The trimmed stems can be cut up in 6"-7" pieces and rooted--right into a 5"-6"pot of fresh soil mix. You can use Rooting Hormone on the ends if you like...
Shove the cutting all the way to the bottom of the pot. Keep it barely moist for now.

I have found that stem cuttings root so much more easily--compared to tip cuttings. In a matter of weeks--do the gentle tug test...There WILL be resistance...That means it has started to root in. Celebrate!

When new leaf-growth nubs start to appear--you will need to water a bit more regularly...Keep it just moist, though until leaves appear. Watch for wilting!
Let the plant tell you when...:o) Also a weak fertilizer might help here at this strength MG. The 7 drops to a quart kind--in the green bottle--for Houseplants...

In the SPRING--
When I bring my Brugs out from their dormancy --I keep them in shade for about a week...then in filtered light for a week--and then in the bright light they will be living in...By now--most of them are back to normal and growing already.
Usually--they don't even "blink"...just turn all green and march on...

About every 2-3 years--you will need to root-prune the root ball. Trust me--It will NOT hurt the plant!!!! Brugs are nearly indestructible!

To root-prune--pull out the Brug from the smaller pot it has been growing in--get an old, sharp, kitchen knife---and just slice away. Cut off the outer part (rind) of the root ball--maybe 1"-2". Don't be shy! It won't hurt the Brug..
Cut off the same amount from the bottom of the root ball. Doing this will be VERY invigorating to the plant!
Re-pot in the same “holey” pot--adding fresh soil mix, with maybe some Osmacote
(slow release) type of a fertilizer mixed in, and fill back around the now smaller root-ball with this soil mix –do the bottom first--- then the edges and a top-dressing as well.
Water in well.
NOW-- You are set for a whole new Season...Not so hard!!!!
***Brugmansias like a bright, sunny spot, but need a bit of protection from the searing, afternoon sun.

Hope this helps all of you “newbie” Brug-growers. These plants are tough!
Feed them weekly and keep them watered. In hot weather—every day!
Literally—sometimes 2 gallons a day! If they wilt—they will come right back.
Later in the season—yellowing leaves are of no concern. This happens….
Just remove them.
***NOTE***Brugmansias are toxic if ingested!!!! Be safe!
Wash your hands after working with them!

The only thing you will need to look out for is Mites on the leaves.
This could happen overnight. Leaves will look mottled. A sure sign you have them.
Spray the whole plant with “Neem” or other insecticide that lists Mites, especially the undersides of the leaves and the new growth. Repeat as needed—every 2 weeks.
You can also use Systemic Granules (Espoma makes it), applied to the soil and watered in, which should help. Systemics are absorbed into the plants “system”, making all the juices toxic to sucking insects. It also kills any bugs that have crawled into the soil.
I would suggest you print this out and save it...for future reference.


Even though this Brug has been all cut back in prep for taling it down to my Shop
for it's Winter's snooze--you can see what a "Y" is allabout.
See the "Y"s at the top of the stems? Your Brug will not bloom until it "Y";s...

Once it "Y"s it will keep on "Y"ing. A cutting taken from below the "Y" will have to re-grow to
the point that it will "Y".....Therefore--treunk cuttings will root OK--but you will have to wait and wait
until the new growth "Y";s before you will see any blooms...

I take all my cuttings from above the "Y"---so as soon as it is riited and under way--it will
produce bloom buds....

here is the "silliest" example of how soon a "Y"'ed cutting can bloom.....

Chuckle!!!! Gita

Thumbnail by Gitagal
Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Thank you Gita, I only have tip cuttings so I will see how they do. I was up at my friend Jane's house helping her clean and care for her house plants. She wanted to cut back her Brug so I brought back the cuttings.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

I got my four various Brugs out today from their dormant state, and watered them or repotted with more soil, and also took a few small cuttings in trimming them. Guess I'll throw them in a pot and just see what happens.

Gita will your holler when it is time to take them outside (the big ones)? This sunshine is so tempting but it IS only late march yet.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


I guess I start doing the "coming out ceremony" of my Brugs end of April sometime...
Like everything else...So--You have just over a month to go, unless you can do the
in-and-out---in--and--out thing...
Start with shade for a week--then filtered light--then wherever you plan to keep the Brugs.

I would,d suggest you root-- prune them also--like. pull them out of the pot they were in
and get an old. sharp kitchen knife and slice away the outer layer of the root ball--
1" or more is OK. as well as the same on the bottom of it.
This way you can keep them in the same sized pot as they are in now....
Then--just throw some yummy new soil at the bottom and fill in around the sides
and they are ready to go. I usually add the "Dynamite", or "Osmacote" slow-release fertilizer
to the new soil I will be adding. The slicing and dicing will not hurt the plants....amazing?
Just watch them go "POOOF!

Not sure cuttings taken at this time will root--as they have been inactive--but I have never done it.
I do my cutting back as I prepare them to be hauled inside my Shop in the fall
Less space used up--and they will drop all their leaves anyway, so why deal with the mess,
if you can cut all that off in the fall? You know this by now--ALWAYS take the cuttings above the "Y"'s....

Just as an aside---when your Clivia blooms are all done--you are supposed to cut
the bloom stalk all off--the way down--just like in the Amaryllis.

No gardening today--wanted to finish cleaning all the knick-knacks on the endless
shelves of my entertainment Center downstairs. SOOOO many little things!
It always ends up being a "trip down Memory lane" when I do this...
To keep me company--i relied on my old Pal--Neil Diamond.
I did not realize I had 13 of his LP's!!!! Geez! Some more to listen to.....
Wonder how many LP's total he ever made???? NO WAY that I would have all of them...Nope!

OK! Since this is a "free-for-All" thread---I will show you pictures of all the things I have
cleaned today and some--a few days ago....Memory trip for sure!

This is the whole Entertainment Center in the club room (level 3 of my house--there are four).

Thumbnail by Gitagal

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