Birds from Queensland part 2

This is Ĺ way through the Pictures I am wanting to share.
I personally donít like lots and lots of small Threads scattered all asunder.
At least if someone wants to refer back to a Picture from yesteryear.
The Pictures will all be in one of two Threads. ;o)

I'm starting off with 'Stumpie'.
Part one is here:

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Marlton, NJ

Aww Stumpie is so cute!

Yes Pell, Stumpie has many relatives.
But I think they pick on him so I donít see him very often. [not for one week now]

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Marlton, NJ

Crimson Rosella's with a King Parrot in the middle?

You are spot on Pell! Australian King-Parrot Alisterus scapularis.

Did you know the Male Australian King-Parrot is the only Australian parrot with a completely red head.
Females are similar to males except that they have a completely green head and breast. :o)

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Kelseyville, CA(Zone 8b)

They're so beautiful!!

They sure are Ducbucln,

As I already said in my last post.
The females are similar to males except they have a completely green head and breast. :o)

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Marlton, NJ

They are really gorgeous!

Hey Pell !
Can you imagine having all these Birds eating off your Bird Feeder ?
It could happen if you lived in Queensland.
I believe some of our Cockies cost over US $13, 000.

The very young males also start off with green heads.
But the green ones are soon replaced with the Red Feathers.
The Juvenile is in the top left of this Picture.

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All three of these Birds are Juvenile males.
Sorry Picture is slightly out of focus.

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I have shown this before on Pells Feeder Thread.
But I think itís worth showing again here on this Queensland Thread.
It helps to keep them all together.

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A Snakes eye view.
The dreaded Scrub Turkey can be seen in the background.

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PERTH, Australia

The King Parrots are fantastic, ginger. I've seen them at my sister's place in Canberra.

Hi Margaret,

I have friends in Victoria.
And they have lots of KPís there.
I have also hand fed them at Jamieson, Victoria.

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I think itís amazing how a little bit of Rain on these Birds feathers donít seem to stick.

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Marlton, NJ

Wonderful shots Ginger!

Spring sure has sprung in 'My Garden'.

These three Birds came to feed on the Alex Palm seed.
I have not had them here before.

Does anyone know what type of Bird it is.

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Image #2

Thumbnail by ginger749

Image #3

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Image #4

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There were 20 of these the next day.
Because of their numbers the other 3 flew off and I haven't seen them since.

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Central, AL(Zone 7b)

Those are fantastic looking birds, Ginger!

PERTH, Australia

Hi, Ginger. It's a Topknot Pigeon. According to my book, it looks as if its distribution is coastal and just a bit farther inland into woodlands and rainforest, from Cape York down to southern New South Wales and extending in fewer numbers along Victoria and northern Tasmania.

Thanks Margaret.
I know the Topknot but I have never seen them with the Orange hair.
They look a little Punkie. ^_^

Had a small Finch fly into my Studio window two minutes ago.
Not dead but a little groggy.
I'll take Pictures when it chirps up.

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I finally got those Pictures onto the Computer.
Without a Bird book I really don't know what it is.
But it did fly off happily without any sign of ill feelings.

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Front on view.
A few of it's feathers were a tad ruffled.

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Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Looked that one up, it's a Red-browed Firetail

Ooops! Forgot to say, congrats on its successful recovery!


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Thanks for that Resin.
I sometimes see the Birds turning at the last moment.
They still hit the glass but don't damage their neck.
Yes, I was also very pleased.

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Marlton, NJ

Awww they are sweet little birds!

Nice shots ginger!

Central, AL(Zone 7b)

I'm so glad the little one survived that collision. Ginger, beautiful photos.

PERTH, Australia

Well done, Ginger. What an exquisite little bird. What else are you seeing in your area at the moment?

Thanks Pell, Lily and Margaret.
It would not have survived had I not bought it into my Studio for a little R & R.
Magpies would have got it within minutes.

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Quote from MargaretK :

What else are you seeing in your area at the moment?

I snapped these two early this morning.
They seemed to be eating bugs out of the cobwebs on the barbed wire fence.
I still haven't had time to look for them on DG's
Probably some kind of Tree Creeper ?

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So what happened to my Picture this time ???

Is there a Smilie for totally frustrated ?
Links seem to work OK ?

PERTH, Australia

Ginger, some of us have occasional problems with posting. 2nd Cousin Dave has been frustrated by it, as have I. I've found the best thing is to leave Dave's, fire it up again and repost.

I've had a look in my bird ID book and also online, and I think your birds may be Striped Honeyeaters.

Thanks Margaret.
I'll give it a weeks break and then try again.

PERTH, Australia

Oh, it doesn't need to be that long, ginger. Just close it and fire it up again straight away and that should do it. Good luck.

Quote from MargaretK :
Oh, it doesn't need to be that long, ginger.

I wonder if this has been long enough ?

PERTH, Australia

Possibly. LOL. Give it a try. We'd love to see what you've been seeing.

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