CLOSED: Split an order of Bok Choy, Gai Lan or Komatsuna?

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

I just looked at and started drooling.

But I think they will have large, relatively expensive pkts and I need very few seeds.
(I sent them an email asking prices, sizes & S&H.)

Would a few people be interested in splitting up some pkts from them?

Or maybe from Kitazawa?
Kitazawa shipping is $5 and the pkts are $3.50 each, but usually generous, like 500 Bok Choy seeds.

Here's my wish-list, of which I would only want part of 4-5 pkts.

Taiwon Bok Choy
Mei Qing Choi
Special Green Petiole Ching Chang (O.P.variety)
Ching Chang #5001 (O.P. variety)

Dark Green Gailan (O.P.)
Late Season Gailan

Spinach Mustard (Japanese Komatsuna)
Oriental Spinach


Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

I have a bunch now, so anyone interested can offer to swap.

I'm also handlin g the Free Seeds for New Bees Stash for now, so I'll trade my Asian seeds for your bulk saved seeds, and put them into the New Bee Stash.

Greens Spigariello Liscia (Italian heirloom broccoli-flavored leaves)
Tomato Black Russian
Radish Daikon Minowa
Carrot Danvers 126
Pak Choi Joi Choi
Pak Choi White Stem

Taiwan Bok Choy 8-12" 35 days
Special Green Petiole Ching Chang Bok Choy (O.P. variety) 6"-7" 40-45 days
"Spinach Mustard" (Japanese Komatsuna or "Mustard Gaichoy")
Dark Green Gailan (O.P.) "Chinese Kale" 50-55 days Good heat tolerance.
"Oriental Spinach" HYBRID Strong against Mosaic and Downy mildew. Heat tolerant.
Red Amaranth 30-40 days

Plus, from "ethaigrocer":
"Water Spinach" / Ipomoea aquatica / "Water Morning Glory" /
"Water Convolvulus" / "Chinese Spinach" / "Swamp Cabbage" /
Indonesia: "kangkung" / Thai: "phakbung" /
In Mandarin Chinese: "kong syin tsai" (hollow heart vegetable)


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