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Vietnamese hollyhocks

Winter Springs, FL(Zone 9b)

Yesterday I bought a Vietnamese Hollyhock at Lukas Gardens. Can't find very much info on planting them. The tag states full 8+ hours of sun a day...not too sure about that here in FL..I know full sun doesn't always mean full sun here in FL.
In my searching I saw amorecuore has some luck with I need to know should I really plant in full sun? The plant I have has only buds, none have flowered as of yet.
Thanks, Sherri

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

I would like to suggest you email him directly - he's a really nice person and will be very helpful!

Ft Lauderdale, FL(Zone 10a)

That's where it gets a bit tricky. Mine are in almost full day sun, but they are immediately behind the pool screening. That screening definitely filters some of the suns rays. I know it does because anytime I move a plant from inside the screening to out in the yard it benefits from a couple days of acclimation to the direct sun. It's especially true in June & July when the sun is most intense.

I do have another type of Hollyhock that gets half day sun in the front yard and does fine and produces blooms. Perhaps a spot that gets significant sun, but has somewhat filtered midday sun (from a tree, etc, etc) would be the ideal spot??????


Thumbnail by amorecuore
Winter Springs, FL(Zone 9b)

Thanks Jon, and I will try to find that perfect spot in the yard for it. I've got so many plants that need that morning sun and afternoon filtered shade, I sure hope I can get them to work out, your picture is lovely.
They haven't bloomed yet so no one at the plant nursery knew what they were, but I did and thanks to your previous postings about this particular Hollyhock I knew what a deal I was getting. They are a nice size and were 7.99. They also had some Foxgloves in purple, pink and white that were in full bloom for the same price, those were going like hot cakes. I'm sure when the Hollyhocks start flowering, they'll be gone also.

Ft Lauderdale, FL(Zone 10a)

Last year was the only time I've seen Vietnamese Hollyhocks here and they did sell fast. The Foxgloves you saw were most likely lavender, rose and white "Camelot" Foxgloves. They're a bit more heat tolerant than most Foxgloves. You have to keep them in no more than half day sun (preferably filtered) to give them a chance to survive the summer and bloom again next winter/spring. They like it consistently damp also. Both plants were probably grown by the wholesaler American Farms in Naples. They are one of the larger wholesalers in Florida.

Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)

Well Jon, I took the leap today and bought some seeds. Some Outhouse Hollyhocks and Black Hollyhocks. We'll see how they do here. I would really like to see them grow well. Couldn't find any Vietnamese ones.


Ft Lauderdale, FL(Zone 10a)

Hope they do well for you Molly. Your climate is probably better for growing some of the older varieties. Took the plunge myself in the last week and ordered specific colors of two different types of dwarf Hollyhocks (Spring Celebrities Series and Queeny Series).

Hoping these two do some blooming this spring/summer. They were planted last year and are now growing at a fast clip. "Double Apricot" (back left) and "Russian Hollyhock" on the right.

Thumbnail by amorecuore
Winter Springs, FL(Zone 9b)

Well I went back to the nursery today for a friend and they are all gone...guess the word is out about Vietnamese Hollyhocks. Didn't see any of the Foxgloves either, but they were in bloom so doesn't surprise me. That place was cookin on Saturday with business.
Mine is now in the ground...It'll be my new little baby for awhile. :)

Ft Lauderdale, FL(Zone 10a)

Wow, I guess they did sell quickly!!!! They were all sold within a week down here last year. Maybe that nursery will get more of them in. They were offered here once and it was late April 2010.

Indian Harbour Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

My message is a bit late; but I am so interested in growing the Vietnames Hollyhocks; but haven't had any luck finding the seeds.... can anyone help ? Thanks so much - I would like to start planting in small containers this December (a t least that's what I read I should do).

Wauchula, FL(Zone 9b)

I have seeds like jons. they make lots of seeds. Mine are blooming. If you would like some seed let me know.

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