Spring 2011 gardening on going

Virginia Beach, VA

We finally had temperature in the 60's and so our spring routine started with spreading 10 cubic yards of red mulch. DH did all of it !!! He plays golf almost everyday but I made him a list and told his golf buddies that he has a long lists of Honey dos. LOL!!! I will send pics later but all beds has additional mulch.

We worked almost all day yesterday and plan to work again today because the forecast is good. 66!!!! Yay!!!! All my 500+ potted hosta has to be fertilized as well as add some potting soil . I am having spring fever and could not sleep last night. Woke up at 5 AM and DH told me sunrise is not till 7:20 AM so this gives me time to read DG.

I also bought several varieties of dahlias, alocasia and colocasia so that has to be planted. I cleaned my work area and got rid of some of the older plastic pots. i am very proud of me for accomplishing a lot for 1 day. i had to take tylenol so I will not ache all day!! LOL!!!. I still have to hire someone to bring out all the tropicals from our sun room.

Roses and fruit trees has to be fertilized also then the veggie garden .

Crab grass control has been done and the back porch was power washed yesterday. DH still has to clean the koi pond.

When I was working I used to take 2 weeks vacation to do all this. Golf season starts in 2 weeks so i have to get busy so I have time to play at least 3 times per week!! lOL!!! Happy gardening !!!! Belle

FU, United States(Zone 9b)

Would love to see pictures of the progress and what you get done. And love your enthusiasm and how plants/gardening make you so happy. So cool :]

Virginia Beach, VA

I am putting in 8-10 hours a day to finish my project. The biggest plot is done . planted dahlias , repoted 50 + hostas DH arranged drift woods and and finishing the rests of over 450+ hostas at the back. I will take pictures soon. Someone is coming to help me this weekend to clean my veggie garden. I wish i could do it all but there is just too much!!! I had not played golf but Tuesday and Thursday I am playing with DH and he is happy that I am making time for golf. Happy gardening!! Belle

Virginia Beach, VA

I will not be able to post my garden, going on a 5 week golf tour and still finishing the veggie garden, i haired some help but it had been raining. Bellie

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Well Belle, you really do deserve the golf break, I just hope you hired help for the full time your away or your garden will be a jungle when you get back, weeds know no bounds and don't care if we gardeners reject them every time we see them, believe me, 2 weeks away in winter is fine but, soon as the growing season starts these plants will shoot up, who ever you have hired, ask them to take pictures so you can see on your return what all your hard work achieved, you will be amazed.
Good luck and well done. WeeNel.

Virginia Beach, VA

yes I hired someone to take care of the garden. I have over 500 pots of hosta which is my biggest investment. Dh is a good golfer and this is the only way we can spend vacation together-------play golf. We are scheduled to play 25 times for 5 weeks. We do have time to tour places we had not seen. I am sure there will be lots of weeds but our beds are mulched heavily so we very seldom weed. i will post pictures when I get home. Belle

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