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Just how hardy are amaryllis?

(Zone 9a)

I had many amaryllis in the ground in zone 8a and they were quite happy, I am wondering just how much cold these bulbs can take. Could they live in zone 7a? Does it differ with different varieties?

Anybody in zone 6 have them in the ground year round?

Zephyrhills, FL

There are exceptions,because of individual environmental circumstances,but the low temperatures of your area are about the limit. Some people successfully grow them, in the ground, in colder areas.Some of the contributing factors to that success are deep burial,heavy mulch,being close to a building foundation of a heated building.Being planted on the south or west side of a house can help.
Some varieties tolerate cold better than others.Very few tolerate very cold and heavy moisture.Red Lion is said to be cold resistant. Some Hippeastrum species come from high altitude areas of south America, Those and their hybrid progeny are more likely to be cold resistant.
The larger bulb a hybrid has,the more likely its survival,because of it's self insulation.

Waxhaw (Charlotte), NC(Zone 7b)

We live in Charlotte, NC and we grow them outdoors in various flower beds.

They bloom reliably every spring.

I knew people in zone 7a in NJ who grew them also on southern exposures near the house.

(Zone 9a)

Thanks, I gave my son in Chattanooga some bulbs which he had in the house and he is wondering if he can plant them in the ground like I can. South side, up against the house might just do the trick.

Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

Hello, I am in Texas, zone 8A, i have had Hippeastrum x johnsonii for 11 years and they were planted before i moved here...they have prolificated like crazy .....i move them around every couple of years. No problems at all with them. As for the other varities, i am unsure, but have purchased 15 new varities and i am hoping they are just as hardy. I plan to take one of each bulb indoors this winter, just in case.
Sandra :)

Dahlonega, GA(Zone 7b)

I was surprised to see amaryllis at a nearby friend's house recently. She has what I believe to be Red Lion and Johnsonii. They are planted next to an unheated garage on a side facing the SE. We're officialy zone 7a, but I believe more like 7b. These have been growing for 10+ years.

I gathered the seed pods and will try to grow them.

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