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Must see March 2011 BH&G magazine

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

The 7 ladies I hang around with pass around our magazines when we are finsihed reading them. Just got a bunch from Mary..There's a very nice article titled Easy Cottage Charm starting on page 82, about a young lady who picked up a gardening magazine at her Dr.'s office, followed by a gift of old-fashion peonies from an elderly relative who was moving. She's a stay-at-home Mom and had never gardened in her life. It was that gift of the peonies from the relative and the gardening magazine had her hooked. Living in Maine, where the winters are long and bitter cold, she read all the gardening books she could get her hands on. She started planting in the Spring. Of course, like all of us Newbies, she wanted it all and an instant garden. Made mistakes but learned that gardening is a trial and error experience. It's taken her 11 years to get the look she wanted and is satisfied with.Her color scheme are all soft pastels, and nothing is allowed to dominate or take over. If she doesn't like it, she rips it out and replaces it. Her garden has become her place of solitude and refuge where she can be alone with her thoughts.

Great story and pictures. Hats off to Jen! You must read her story!

Calgary, Canada

You did not tell us which magazine?

Kansas City, MO

BH & G stands for Better Homes and Gardens

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