Spring gambler...

Lexington, SC(Zone 8a)

Hope everyone's plants made it through the winter OK. Looks like some of you had some real luck with protection methods this year. I feel like most of my stuff made it through OK, considering the cold snaps we had.

I was reading back on our thread from last year (dejavu):

This year I think I'm going to gamble and start moving stuff out. I feel like last year was similar to this one in the sense the warm weather showed up and was here to stay. I've got the wedding coming up in late April this year, so I don't want to get stuck moving and planting stuff at the last minute.

We'll see... I'm playing the role of the gambler this year. Let me know if I'm being foolish... just ready to get stuff outside already, it's looking so bare out there.

(Zone 9a)

Hi John, gamble away, just hedge your bets by keeping the frost cloth handy. Keep things well hydrated until they get settled and they should look beautiful for the wedding.

Sumter, SC(Zone 8a)

The rest of the month looks pretty good at weather.com - with predicted lows only in mid 40's....of course we all know weather is a crap shoot - but I think Ardesia is right....get it out to enjoy these warm days and kick start them...so much waking up in the yard right now - even some gingers have started to swell, crinums are pushing up new leaves - no matter what happens - you and Tori will have a beautiful wedding because what counts is how much you mean to one another :)~

Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

I was just pondering that conundrum myself .. I'm so desperate to move stuff out of the greenhouse but know the minute I do we'll have a blizzard or something. I might move out some of the more hardy guys today.

New Bern, NC(Zone 8a)

I uncovered some things in the garden that I had piled over with leaves and pine straw. May be covering them back up but our weather for the next four or five days looks great. Getting closer to our April 15 Last Frost Date every day!

Kure Beach, NC(Zone 9a)

I moved all my hibiscus, bird of paradise and citrus out the other day. Even if it does freeze, I'm gambling that it would only be for one night and I can just cover them for something like that.
Here's to us being right and no more frost!!!

Lexington, SC(Zone 8a)

Thanks, I just have this feeling it's going to be a warm spring. And the less worries I can have about moving everything out the better. It's less than 45 days to the Big Day now, I can hardly believe it. And you're right Deanna, it's always good to remember what really matters.

I'll second that toast for no more frosts. It's just sooo tempting to start moving things out right now - it's like this every year lately. I moved a bunch of stuff out into the yard yesterday, amazing how fast that brightens it up. I find this is my most joyful time of year because of how I get to redecorate the yard. Sometimes I think I'd rather live somewhere warm where I would never have to worry about frosts and freezes, but then I realize I'd never get a true spring and get to watch it all come back to life and to redo all my planting each year. That's what I enjoy most and I'm sure I'd miss it. I imagine quite a few of us would.


Lexington, SC(Zone 8a)

Eeek, last night was a close one. They were forecasting 42F for the low, but it was 36F when I woke up and dew was all over everything. That was a little close for comfort. Hopefully no ice crystals were forming, else that'd have been bad. Hopefully that was a fluke in their forecasting. Should warm up nicely these next few days though.

Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

Yeah I hear ya .. when I first awoke this morning I heard the central heat was on and jumped up in a panic to look at the outside thermometer .. low 40's.

Sumter, SC(Zone 8a)

I left Datura seedlings outside (working on their 3rd set of leaves) and was glad to see the weather didn't do them in...left the greenhouse doors open also and was worried the sunflowers that just germinated would be affected but was pleased to see neither they nor the cuke's that just germ'd had any ill effect...

I want a job where I can be wrong 1/2 the time and blame it on mother nature LOL..oh wait I garden so....

Lexington, SC(Zone 8a)

1/2 the time? Your weather man has made progress over mine. LOL

Looks like everything is OK as far as I can tell... that was a wee bit close for me.

I keep watching the Climate Center as they changed the long range forecast... that below average blue is getting awful close to SC. It was above average for early April, but they've since put it to just normal temps. Why does mother nature mess with us so? ;)

Sumter, SC(Zone 8a)

some of the gingers have awoken and up about an inch :) still waiting for the curcuma to wake up...

Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

Don't hold your breath on the curcumas - last year mind didn't show up til the end of April .. those guys can take awhile. Hedychium on the other hand jumps right up.

Lexington, SC(Zone 8a)

Arg, now they're calling for below normal temperatures at the end of the month. Here's hoping this forecast as is good as their others.

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Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

I've lost all respect for NOAA .. they totally got the winter forecast wrong this year and last.

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