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Stoopid pollination questions

Tamworth, NH(Zone 4b)

So I have a Meyer lemon and a Mexican Sweet lime, which are going to be blooming at the same time.

Do they cross-pollinate? If so, is that a problem?

Are the flowers self-pollinating, or do I need to go with a q-tip or little paintbrush and transfer pollen between flowers (on the same plant) since these are indoor plants without benefit of wind or insects to transfer pollen around.


Saint Petersburg, FL

Yes, they will cross pollinate, if allowed to, although both are self fertile (I'm assuming you mean either an Indian Sweet Lime or a Mexican/Key Lime). Typically open pollination results in more fruit set, but seedier fruits. Since both of these are more commonly juiced than eaten out of hand, I'll assume that's not an issue.

Cross Pollination is not a problem, unless you're planning on harvesting seeds and want to control the parentage.

If your plants are indoors, hand pollination would be necessary for fruit set. Fortunately, both of these are fairly easily pollinated. Good Luck!

San Marcos, TX(Zone 8b)

If you do have cross-pollination, you can plant the seeds and get some hybrid of a Lemon-Lime that may or may not be worth squat.

It is always fun spending 4 years taking care of it to find out if it is any good.


Tamworth, NH(Zone 4b)


This is the lime I have (first one listed):

Maybe it's a cross of the Indian sweet lime and a key lime? Don't know. Just thought it sounded yummy!

I'm not planning on growing a hybrid! :-) Although the plants are beautiful on their own. But I have limited room, so I think I'll just stick with what I have.

If I can defeat the mealybugs, we'll be in good shape. Both plants are actually doing well despite the bugs (the lemon seems to have most of the bugs at this point), and I keep whacking away at them with soap/garlic/onion/hot pepper spray, which seems to be keeping them in check. The plants are blooming and putting out new growth, so fingers are crossed.

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