Question about type of soil used in transplanting.

Kensington, CT

I am close to having to up-pot my tomato plants from thier individual cells I started them in (used Jiffy Seed Starting mix), to bigger 3" pots.

I purchased a bag of Miracle Grow Garden Soil yesterday but after bringing it home, I noticed that it said to not use this product to container garden. I am using it to grow my seedlings in containers for now, but eventually, these plants will be either up-potted to 5" pots or they will be moved to my outdoor garden.

Should I buy a different bag? If so, can I have some recommendations?

Near Lake Erie, NW, PA(Zone 5a)

anndev, If I have to pot up I alway use Miracle Grow Moisture Control, it also goes into all my hanging baskets and containers. I lost count of how many bags of this stuff I go through a season, at the end of my growing season I use the spent soil in my flower beds or vegatable garden or any place I want to improve the texture of my soil, I have clay.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I would definitely go get a bag of something that's meant for containers--garden soil doesn't drain well enough in containers so it's important to use a container mix. I use Miracle Gro container mix without the moisture control. I don't know if it's that much better than other brands, but it's readily available and not too expensive and it's always worked fine for me.

Kensington, CT

sounds great! Thanks for your help!

Galesburg, IL

I use the same material that I use for starting seeds. Buy a compressed bale of peat moss, screen it with a 1/4 inch hardware cloth and add perlite. I use this for starting and potting up about 1500 plants each year. The packaged mixes are way too expensive if you have more than a couple of hundred of seedlings you are growing.

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