Where to order plastic pots in bulk?

Colorado Springs, CO

Does anyone have a good source for low cost pots to start seedlings in. I am saving every little container I can but it's just not enough so I need to buy some.
I thought of buying Styrofoam drinking cups but I don't want to have to sit and poke drain holes in all of them. Good drainage for seedlings is important.
Also tell me what companies to stay away from if you had a bad experience or who is really good. I have tried different search terms online and just get a bunch of junk so
here I am hoping someone has already found the perfect source for those six packs and tiny pots. Thanks.

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

i bought those 6 pack seed starters on ebay. will go find the link to the person i used, he was less expensive and had better shipping prices than the others.

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

Greenhouse megastore is a good resource, I learned about it on DG. You can get 'hobby packs,' groups of 10, or mega amounts. I bought 2 1/2" pots @ 2.00/ hobby pack (32 pots). I thought that was a good price! They have a huge selection of pots, cell packs, flats, etc.
Good luck,


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Midlothian, VA

I have used Novosel before and liked them.


Kensington, CT

Lowes has 3" pots in packages of 22 for $3

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

that is a good price from lowes, and convenient. am going to check my local one

Midlothian, VA

I forgot, I have also ordered from A.M. Leonard.

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

Best buy: ask local nurseries if they give away used pots.

Mine has a bin in one corner of the parking lot. Now, even thgouh they are expensive, i keep going there and looking for something affordable, so i don;t feel guilty stocking up on pots. Even gallon sizes and larger!

Last fall, a Home Depot near me stacked up big and small pots, and webbing trays, to give away before throwing away.


Olympia, WA

I definitely second that emotion for Greenhouse Megastore. Great prices and fast shipping.

Fort Mill, SC

I was at Lowe's garden center 3 days ago, and they both accept plastic containers for recycling and also allow you to take as many as you want. I'm not sure if it's offered nationwide at Lowe's, but definitely worth a drive to check it out.

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

See if you can find a local outlet of Steuber Distributing Co. They are like a wholesale place for nurseries, farmers and market growers. Great variety and pretty good prices for trays, prop trays, inserts and pots. Since you drive to them, no shipping & handling costs.

Here are some mailorder links for seed starting and potting up:



And note t6he deep, small, "SQV0064": a 2.5" square pot, 3.5" deep! 32 pots for $2.80, 9 cents each

And these are new to me: "Cone-tainers" 1.5" diam and 5 or 8" deep!

Deepots: 2.5" diam and 10" or 14" deep! For trees, I guess, or maybe indoor carrots!


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BUda, TX(Zone 8b)

Keep your eye open at the big box stores... Home Depot, Lowe's and most others will have a bin or rack where they will hold them before they go to dumpster or return. Some of the bigger grocery stores that have a garden dept. will usually be glad to get rid of them also. Talk with the people there, most will gladly give them to you... Last year I "reclaimed" about $100 worth of pots, trays, and cell packs. Those included those nice 6" heavy square deep pots, with the trays... The wife wanted to kill me since I've acquired about 300 pots & trays...

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