You name them? haha

South, TX

My daughter in law was visiting one of the very first times. We were looking at my violets and she said "You name them?" It was so cute and funny! My violets all have their names and date of potting on them of course. :)

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Land of OZ, CT(Zone 6a)

LOL Sally! I just started attending weekly meetings with a group called "Job Club"....we are all unemployed and meet to support one another while job seeking. One member has just discovered the world of African Violets, just joined AVSA and the local violet club. She excitedly talks all about her violets at the job club meetings. When I asked her about which violets she had, she said, "Oh I don't know any of the names...I don't remember names." "You soon will," said I, "you will!". ^_^

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South, TX

That's right, she will!!

(tish) near Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

I was like that too, not thinking violet names were ever going to be that important to me. Then start trading and sharing and everyone wants a name and then I realized I needed to know names too! could I get new plants if I didn't know what I already had! ha. Yea, she'll get there too.

PS Such a pretty fairy - enjoy those pics!


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