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Pineapple in the bin?

Erie, PA

Have unlimited access to fruit scraps. Pineapple included.
I grind all fruits together. Conflicting info about pineapple being bad for the worm bin.
Any thoughts on this?

Thumbnail by Jofus
Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

i feed my worms almost meats of course..
i give mine pineapple when i get it.. i dont know if a "big" feeding or regular feeding
of pineapple would be harmful.. pineapple is pretty acidic..
hopefully others with alot more experience here can give their insights..
good luck to ya...

Long Beach, CA

I don't think pineapple is a good idea. If tomatoes and onions are to acidic I would like pineapple would be too!

Helena, MT

If your talking about the husks as well, you will need to grind them. If you can grind it, they will eat it, but Rhapsody is correct in that too much of one thing which is acidic will require a pH adjustment using something like calcium carbonate (CaCO3). My worms get lots of tomato refuse after gardening season is over and I haven't noticed a problem yet. Possibly because I add lots of egg shells to the indoor compost bins. I never worry about pH outdoors since I leave my bins uncovered except in the winter, and water them with a hose regularly. Even in the winter months I water the covered bin under my deck with warm water.

As for onions I can't say for sure why, but I never add them to my bins. It's just one of those unwritten rules....

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