Geranium seedlings have yellow leaves

Rapid City, SD(Zone 5a)

have recently planted my flower seeds! yipee!! All the seedlings are doing great except the geraniums. The second and third set of leaves are yellow and some are almost white. Some of the seedlings are developing green leaves but some are not. I have grown geraniums by seed in the past and have never had any problems until now. I use the Jiffy peat pellets and have had good luck in the past. What did I do wrong?

Eastlake, OH(Zone 5a)

You need to feed the geranium seedlings, with 1/4 strength liquid fertilizer, such as Miracle Grow. I use Blossom Booster by Jacks. Every time they need watering, water with the 1/4 strenght fertilizer. Also, once a week spray them with liquid kelp. You will see a big differnce. Attached are my geraniums that I am growing from seed this year.

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Eastlake, OH(Zone 5a)

These are some of mu grow lights that I use.

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