Removing Sheet Vinyl

Richmond, TX

I recently bought a house in much need of remodeling. The current project is removing all the old sheet vinyl flooring. Some of it comes up fairly easily, but a lot of it leaves its backing behind. Any suggestions?

Altus, OK(Zone 7a)

Use a floor scraper to scrape up the backing. The floor scraper looks kinda like a wide chisel on a long pole. Available at hardware stores. It also works great at breaking up ice in the winter :)

If the backing's glue is really stubborn you could try a heat gun and a regular scraper to try to get it up.


Richmond, TX

Thanks Dawn, I have the scraper you describe and it leaves the backing. I'll give heat a try.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

If I may suggest, try saturating an area with water first. Let it stand about ten minutes before you scrape it.

I removed a vinyl floor at work that had been put down because the painted slab under it didn't dry quick enough. Over the years, it was time to remove it. I scraped with a heavy tool similar to Dawns' only this one was on loan from a friend that did roofing. This tool was called a spud and used to remove roofing. Hard work and I struggled with it till I discovered wetting it. After the initial effort, this seemed a breeze.

Good luck.

Richmond, TX

My vinyl glue does not seem to respond to water but paint thinner sort of dissolves the backing. I could do without the smell, however! Perhaps I should check in the hardware store to see what is recommended on the vinyl glues label as a clean up solvent.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Oh, sorry... what an effort. I know others that have given up and simply topped with a laminate flooring. Best wishes.

Richmond, TX

I'm almost done; just one corner of the kitchen and a pantry to go. I think I'll make it!

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