Bad Experience Ordering Box Bees

Green Cove Springs, FL

I'm a newbie to beekeeping. So far my experience ordering box bees has been anything but smooth. I order a 3 pound box from Busy Bee Apiaries in Pennsylvania. They delayed the ship date because they ran out of queens. It was supposed to arrive after March 31st. Today I get a call from the post office telling me my bees have arrived and that there was a tear in the screen allowing bees to escape into the post office. I call the emailed the apiary complaining about the failure to notify. I received notification 3 hours after the bees arrived. I also complained about the shipping damage. After reviewing the terms of sale it appears they are responsible since they offered Priority Mail or their truck as a shipping method. The terms of sale state if they choose the shipper then it is their responsibility. I phoned regarding the damage and was told they are not responsible. I also got a terse response to my email. No apology. No offer to make it good. Ditto for the post office.Now I am expected to retrieve a box of bees with a number of them on the outside. Has anyone else had a problem like this? Where can I order bees with assurance they will follow through?

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