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Help me not kill Benitochiba?

Columbus, OH

I've tried three times...each time this plant looks at me petulantly, refusing to grow, dropping leaf after leaf and then dying. I have many other begonias, I'm worried that Ohio summers are too warm and moist--should I keep it indoors? I almost bought a Benitochiba at Baker's Acres in Alexandria, Ohio, but I thought after three that I killed, it's akin to just murdering the poor thing. I can't keep Escargot alive to save my life, either.

Any ideas on what to do? TIA

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Okay, first of all Escargot is probably the worst begonia out there for anyone to grow (looks great but is a real prima donna). If you must grow it put it under glass and hope for the best.

Next, Benitochiba can be easy at times or quite a pain at other times. I don't believe warm humid air is the problem (I have a feeling we are a lot hotter and muggier here than in Ohio) and it grows like a weed outdoors here. The problem (like a lot of begonias) is getting it through the winter months. Benitochiba will usually defoliate in winter so don't despair and think it needs water and lots of TLC. It doesn't. Cut back on water when you see this happen (don't let it get completely dry though - water sparingly). When you start seeing new growth then start watering again on a more regular schedule. It may still drop leaves and grow some new ones as a lot of rexes do in winter. Finally when it warms enough to move it outdoors, then place it in a shaded area and watch it take off.

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Columbus, OH

Thank you...I will give it another try this year, maybe I gave up on it too soon when it defoliated.

And yes, it's a whole lot more hot and humid there, lol. I remember Ft. Benning, oh my.

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