Windows 7/Photo problems

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Just did any upgrade to Windows 7.............I wish I had my XP address book for email is gone, my Picasa is gone, and I can't seem to figure out how to send pix with an email from my camera card reader. With XP when I right-clicked on a photo and selected "send to", then "email recipient" a box came up asking "do you want to make this picture smaller?" Of course I do, but no way to do it that I can see. And where can I edit any other pix smaller that I don't want to send, just keep in a file? I always reduce them to 640x480 and I can't seem to see that. I hate progress..............LOL gimme the old that I could at least figure out.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

In Windows 7 you can still right click on several photos and then select send to... Mail Recipient. The next window should ask what size to make them. I do it all the time. (Have you got an email app installed?)

You do not have PowerToys that XP had (which picture resizer was one of the toys) with Windows 7. But after you resize the photos (see first sentence) and the email message pops up with all the photos resized, you can select all the photos, then copy, make a new directory somewhere (I like to use the same folder and make a sub folder called small or large or whatever), and then do a paste. Works the same in a way that XP did with an extra step or two.

Not sure why your Picasa and contact list disappeared but Picasa is easy to install. Did the install say you would lose everything before you started? If you backed up your files before you upgraded then you should still be able to recover your contact list and emails (and anything else for that matter). I am assuming you used Outlook or Outlook Express though. You may have to initiate a request to Microsoft to recover some of your stuff though. I got excellent help when I moved my email from my previous laptop (XP) to my new laptop with Windows 7.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

I am totally ignorant of all computer guy does it all. My desktop stuff is all in a file, my iTunes is still here...........Grrrr............

When I am not so hypertensed I will attempt the pic thing again. Thanks.

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