Pruning Cleome Hybrid (Spider Flower)

Oakland, MD

So in the greenhouse where I am working, we have a batch of Cleome hybrid: Senorita Rosalita spider flowers growing.
The greenhouse manager said that this is her first year having them in the greenhouse, and I really dont have any experience with them myself.
We are trying to keep them from blooming just yet, and are trying to keep them pruned back.
She said she pruned them back hard once when they first got them in, and they are getting to the point where they are flowing out of their pot radius again.
She said that when she got them, she was told that they did not like to be pruned.
Even so, like I said, they are growing like mad, and trying to bloom, and we need to know whether or not its ok to continue pruning them back like she had done before, without negatively effecting the plants.

Thank you!

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