Seed germination and my Siamese Cats

Northport, AL

We have Siamese cats. Very SMART Siamese cats. Two days ago, one of them stood on his/her hind legs and turned the door knob, opening the door to the nice, warm, overly heated seed germinating room while we slept. I awoke to the aftermath of a Feline Party , dirt everywhere, cats sprawled out asleep.

They didn't disturb the actual trays, so I was able to replace everything (hopefully) back into it's properly labeled tray.

BUT....we have one cat, a rescue, "Invisi-Kitty", that is very shy. We only see Invisi-Kitty if we get up to pee at night and startle him while he's sleeping. We tend to forget he's even here. No matter what we do, he just thinks we are demons and runs and hides at the first sound.

So, today, I heard a shy "meow? meow?" from the seed room. And WHAM! I knew what had happened. Invisi-Kitty had been in there for 2 days ! Poor kitty ! He had had water to drink from the trays. But today, he must have freaked out, as he flipped the trays over on top of each other, causing the little cups to all spill in a pile. Now I will have rosemary, tomatoes, marigolds, etc,....all springing up in cups together, as DD just scraped all the dirt up off the floor and randomly piled it back into cups as I stomped around the living room fussing.

Invisi-Kitty is happily munching cat food under the couch.

Elmira, NY(Zone 6a)

I think it's a good sign that Invisi-Kitty was willing to meow for help. He trusts you that much.

Northport, AL

He has actually started coming out of his shell a bit since his "Seedling Room Rescue". Which is good, b/c we've GOT to get him tame enough to catch him, crate him, and get him neutered. He has been letting us approach him now since the incident, just not get close enough to touch him. I want to cuddle him so bad, he is GORGEOUS.

I would love to re-home him to a quiet house , maybe a single person with no kids and no other pets with no loud noises to startle him. Or an elderly person who would baby him.

He's no trouble staying here, he doesn't bother anything, he uses his litterbox, is well behaved, but I worry that he might get sick (and the need for neutering is going to get very necessary if he starts spraying) , and we won't be able to catch him without scaring him half to death.

Elmira, NY(Zone 6a)

You could always use a hav-a-heart trap. Cover it with a blanket and put some newspapers inside to hide the fact that it's a trap. Put some tuna at the end. You'd have to put it somewhere your regular cats wouldn't go in. I did this with a stray cat who was becoming feral. You have to do it the night before he's due to get fixed. That way you can make sure he doesn't eat anything either. Then just take him there in the trap and let them know he's skitterish and doesn't like handling but is not feral. They're return him in the trap, doped up, and you can open the door and let him come out when he wants. He'll associate the horrors of the occasion with the trap, not you, as long as you can stand to leave him alone in there the night before and don't go poking around and staring in at him. He likes hiding, so... I wouldn't do this with a carrier, btw, because then you'll probably never get him in one again. Good luck.Btw, that stray cat who was becoming feral that I trapped? He's right next to me on the chair. Total love-sponge.

Jackson, TN(Zone 7a)

We also have an Invisi-kitty. You never see her most of the day. She is shy retiring, and sleeps in dark closets

for hours on end. The day,however, that we juiced some grapes to make wine, she decides to investigate and

nuged a five gallon jug of fresh juice into the floor. It shattered , of course, splattering an ocean of purple

everywhere, including the ceiling. Needless to say, the cat 'high tailed it ' to some obscure place to

resume her invisible identity.

Nutley, NJ(Zone 6b)

By definition all cats are smart, some of them are better than others at fooling us into believing they are not smart while others flaunt their intelligence. Sixty-five years ago at the age of 5, I had a beautiful white cat with blue eyes which I was given as a kitten and named Cinder. Why did I name a white cat Cinder? Our house was heated by coal and the coal ash cinders were pure white. What we didnít know then was that blue eyed cats have vision problems and one day Cinder, who was an outside cat, was hit by a car and was killed instantly. I was the one who found what was left of his body in the street and was hysterical for weeks. Sixty-five years later the image is still burned in my brain.

Two years ago one of our family members was moving into a retirement community and couldnít have two cats. She had recently adopted a seven year old white male cat, with normal colored eyes, which she names Cinder at my suggestion. She offered Cinder II to me and I was not about to say no. We already know that Cinder II was a consummate escape artist and could open any door or cabinet. What we didnít know was the Cinder II was also an alcoholic and an ice-oholic. I dry seeds in 8 ounce plastic drinking cups. One day I carefully placed hybrid seed in the plastic cups to dry along with hybridization tags and put the cups on the mantel for safe keeping. A five foot high mantel is no obstetrical for a determined cat who believes that any plastic cup contains adult beverages. When I walked into the room, I found Cinder II with his head in a cup and all of the cups upended and the seeds and tags scattered. After vigorously suggesting to Cinder II that he had just used eight of his nine lives, Cinder II hid for several hours. Fortunately Cinder II decided to forgive my outburst a few hours later and let bygones be bygones.

Since then I have learned that Cinder II will go after any contain he suspects might contain ice and/or an adult beverage. If he is particularly good I will put a few ice cubes in a plastic cup with seltzer and Cinder II is one happy cat. When we have parties, Cinder II is sent to his Fortress of Solitude until the gusts depart. Cinder II is a very friendly cat and he will beg for drinks given the opportunity. Cinder II assumes that any unattended class or cup is a gift intended for him.

On a cold winter night as one is working at ones computer, there is nothing better than a warm cat that drapes himself across ones cold toes. If it gets too cold, Cinder II has learned that laptops have heat exhausts and he will jump up on the table and rap himself around the back of my laptop. Cinder II and I have a good relationship just as long as he stays away from me seeds and I give him ice cubes once and awhile.


Evergreen, MO

Haha! Love the story but am sorry for your situation.
Cats are magnificent creatures full of magick and life who, by their very existences, warm our hearts.
Because they sought out that particular room I am wondering if they're seek a nutrient out of the soil which may be lacking in their diet.

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Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

I want to know where the school is, that cats go to, to learn to be cute. Or is it online? Or a magazine?

My guy clearly went to Cute Cat Graduate School, or maybe he teaches there.

These aren't especially 'cute' shots of him, but he won't pose for a camera when being cute.

Thumbnail by RickCorey_WA Thumbnail by RickCorey_WA

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