Timeline for a fall garden in zone 6?

Scottsville, NY

I would like to grow a fall vegetable garden of broccoli (traded so I don't know the days to maturity), carrots (70-75 days), snap peas (64 days) and spinach (30-41 days). I need to know the timing of starting the broccoli and spinach seeds indoors under my grow lights and when to direct sow the carrots and snap peas. It would be for my daughter's garden in Binghamton, NY where the earliest frost date is October 27th (Dave's Garden). I appreciate all help I can get! Thanks so much!

Scottsville, NY

Thanks so much! I will check them out!

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

I figure you need more specific info for your area than I can provide....grin you are welcome

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I can only assume the NY you are talking about, is where you get heavy snowfall, hard frosts in most areas and ice cold winds in areas close to the water,
for the type of veg you mention, I have to think it will be too cold for tender plants like Peas, Broccoli and Spinach, I live in winter zone 5-6 and it is difficult to get any new plants into the soil or to grow in the soil by December to March, in this zone, plant growth goes into hibernation and stop taking up nutrients, water and loose foliage to survive these temps, but maybe someone from your area could tell you different, I don't start growing my veg seeds till March under glass OR May outdoors, some springs we have to wait till end of May and we then know it will be a short summer therefore a poor crop.
Good Luck. WeeNel.

Scottsville, NY

Thank you!

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