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Northeast Forum Community Names - 2

Canton--Football HOF, OH(Zone 6a)

Hello! I'm Dana and I'm in Northeast Ohio. I joined this group about a month ago, thinking that I'm far enough East, just 4 hours away from the PA line (the Ohio River) to qualify for this group. Anyway, my gardening hobby took off in August 2011, when I decided to carve out perennial beds in our small back yard, in the city, after resigning from my job as a Residential Building Designer, for health reasons. Things have been moving at a slow to medium pace, due to a concussion in 2012, two septic infections (one month apart) after thumb surgery in 2013, and financial constraints, but things have turned around recently, so 2016 is looking promising!

Since 2011, I've installed 10 perennial beds and a pathway, that solves a drainage issue, with the help of the hubby, when extra muscle is necessary (extensive digging and demolition are his specialties!) and I've lost 50 pounds!

I find yard work and gardening to be my therapy, of sorts, and I just get into a mental "zone" and the world and my troubles just melt away! I am a "project junkie", so it's all a perpetual work in progress!

I love Dave's Garden! The character of this community is outstanding!!
Happy Gardening, my Friends!

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Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Hi, Kathy and Dana. Sounds like you are busy. I'm trying to downsize, HEHEHE. Trying to branch out to more shrubs and things. We just aren't home in the summer much, so veggies are out. Bummer! I don't want to ask people to do my gardening for me, hence the down sizing.

These are good people here. Enjoy.

Toledo, OH(Zone 6a)

Hi all!

Not sure if I belong in NE forum, I'm in Toledo, OH, but none of the other regional forums seem to fit.

I was a member of Dave's Garden years ago but moved to a north facing apartment with a balcony so very limited as to what I could grow. Every year I had an experimental tomato plant, i always got some tomatoes but some years none ripened. I just bought a house with a severely neglected front and back yard so (rubbing my hands with glee!) I have a lot of work to do!

I just rejoined DG and am very happy to be back! If I don't belong in this forum, which regional forum do I belong???

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

You belong here as much as anywhere - all contributors are welcome.

Feel your way around, and you may find additional beds in which to "take root."

Growing is good...

Arlington, MA

Hello! I am Jeanne, a new-ish gardener in Arlington, Mass, trying to please the bees and butterflies on a urban-ish (.09 acre) rooty, rocky plot. I lean towards native plants but am also quite fond of annual flowering vines, and have distant visions of joining the ranks of the awesome vegetable gardeners after more experience.

central, NJ(Zone 6b)


Old Saybrook, CT(Zone 6b)

Joanne or Jo. CT zone 6
Used to be a member many years ago, thought Id come back and see whats new.

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