Starting my own hoya collection.

Oakland, MD

Yes, another person who has found the hoya craze!
Year before last my mother bought me a little hoya carnosa "tricolor".
It's grown like a little weed, and I love it to pieces.
Growing up, one of the plants I remember best at home, was my mother's rubra.
The long and beautiful foliage, and sweet smelling gorgeous flowers!
Last year I managed to snag a couple of leaves off of a rubra, and started my own plant.
This year it has two foot long vines, and I've managed to snag cuttings off of hoya bella, and what I assume is hoya lacunosa "royal flush". (The plant I obtained cuttings from was only labeled as hoya "royal flush", but it has small, spotted leaves.)
My cuttings have little roots, and are starting to grow new leaves!
My mother just called me this week, and said she found me a Hoya curtisii.
I realized I've become a fanatic.

If anyone has different hoyas they would be willing to donate to start my collection, please let me know!

I'm willing to pay for postage, but it may have to wait for my next paycheck.
If I'm to get more cuttings, I'm going to have to buy more pots, and dirt, right? XD

Thank you!!!

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