Calling it quits on winter

Waddy, KY

Yes, I'm declaring it's over. At least on my patch of dirt. I've got my peas, lettuce, beets, onion, and potatoes in the ground and the cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli plants are sitting on the porch ready to go in the ground after this weather rolls through. I've got the daylily field half done with the pre-emergent herbicide and am working on getting the blackberries trimmed out.

Calves are hitting the ground on a daily basis. The fall calves have been cut, tattooed and vaccinated. They're ready to go to the hill farm as soon as enough grass grows out up there to sustain them. The drilled oats are starting to show up in rows in the hayfield and the pastures.

Outside market starts this coming Saturday and Sunday. The rat race begins....

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