Cannomois virgata

Northern California, CA(Zone 9b)

I have photos of a restio tagged Cannomois virgata but in reading up on this one I see it is to be or has been renamed Cannomois grandis with another plant taking its former name.

Should I post them under Cannomois virgata? Where can I check to see if this change has taken place?

PS I have been looking ot buy this one for well over a year if anyone knows where I can locate it. It is breathtakingly beautiful.


Northern California, CA(Zone 9b)

I guess no one knows! I did find out it has been recently renamed to Cannomois grandis from the restio king Martin Grantham and I got one of my very own from him! I will wait to post pictures till someone here figures it all out.

Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

I would upload it to the current name C. virgata, and send in a 'Report' to the Admin citing the published literature saying that it has been changed. And/or waiting till it has been manifested on 'The Plantlist" website.: here:
Cannomois virgata

"...No plant names match your search for Cannomois grandis" in the Plantlist website.

Then, when the split is officially published, the entry pages can be made and the photos can be sorted out.

Here is a quote from the link you listed above:
"...while this work has yet to be published, the plant currently grown in California nurseries as Cannomois virgata will likely be renamed."


Northern California, CA(Zone 9b)

Hi Xeno! I thought I was talking to myself! LOL

I just got an email from Martin Grantham last week saying it was a done deal.

"Hi Kelley,

The correct name is Cannomois grandis now -there was a name change recently. A lot of plants offered as C. virgata in CA are of hybrid origin, but mine are pure C. grandis."

Martin is THE restio expert. Hey, how cool I got a plant from him? I am now flirting madly with restios. Oh how I need acres so I can have individual rooms for all my true loves. I was thinking of just entering Cannomois grandis for I can't find it in PFs though I always hesitate for things do not often come up on search for me.

THANKS for helping me! You are always so kind.

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