Chicks ready for the outdoors?

Los Gatos, CA

I have a dozen chicks in the brooder. They are going on 6 weeks old. They are in the brooder right now, with the light on only in the day. We have been having temp's in the 70's. It will get down to about 45-6 at night. (maybe)

Can they go outside in the coop? They would have a much larger run and a coop at night. They would also be by themselves, no older hens.
What do you think?

Ferndale, WA

Hi Images: That would be just a wee bit cold for them at night in my opinion. Daytime temps are excellent. Could you put in a sixty watt bulb for them at night? If so I think it would be fine for them...Hay

Richmond, TX

Can you provide them with a heat lamp? If so and they are sheltered form the wind, they should be fine.

Richmond, TX

We cross-posted but seem to be in agreement.

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