Moving Daylilies

North Shore of L. I., NY(Zone 6b)

I always seem to be moving daylilies. As long as I have had them I have always needed to move some. Often move many of them to get things right and them sometimes move them again the following year.

Now this spring I already moved an entire row of daylilies in one of my gardens afew feet forward so that the shade from the Serviceberry Shrubs in back of them doesn't bother them. I always forget that shrubs grow larger LOL!

Then I just ordered (actually yesterday) 40 mixed Orientaly Lily Bulbs that I intend to plant out in the left front yard, near some daylilies and roses. I have been thinking on the best spot for those lilies much of this spring and decided on the best placement. There are two daylilies there now that need to go. So I will be moving them really soon. I guess I would be out there if it wasn't for the rain today and rain expected all week.

I also need to move some of the middle grouping of daylilies in my backyard terraces garden near my kitchen door. The first year I planted daylilies there I put Zinnias in between. Well, I could not do that again after that as they filled out. But I loved the zinnias there. I tried regouping some of the daylilies in the middle last year but that didn't give me enough room for the zinnias either. So I will simply move some outta there this spring to make some room.

I did have afew losses this winter so should be able to find spots for some of the ones I want to move. Its not like I am going to move lots of them outta there. But moving anything has gotten to be a challange since the garden is full now and I simply can not klunk the daylily in an empty gardenbed like I used to.

I don't want my yard to look like a daylily garden. I want it too look like what it is, that is a garden with lots of daylilies as well as many other shrubs and blooming plants. I can't immagine my yard without my daylilies, you all know I am crazy about them. But I like lots of bloom and flowers. I want something going on in my garden all the time, not just during daylily bloom season.

Late last summer I moved out about 7 clumps of daylilies from a section of the front yard I had them in since 2007. I decided I wanted to put spring bulbs there and currently have a batch of 100 Rijnveld's Early Sensation daffodils blooming there now with 100 tulips in front of them coming up now for later bloom. Then I will overplant with zinnias for summer long color.

I always need to move something.

Edwardsville, IL(Zone 6a)

Rita, boy, your post answered my questions about moving some of my daylilies this early. I will be out right after the ground dries out a bit. We get rain every other day lately.

Please post some pictures of your yard. I loved your zinnia idea. May have to find a spot for some myself. Thanks for sharing.

North Shore of L. I., NY(Zone 6b)

If the daylilies are growing they can be moved from one part of the garden to another. Just dig up the soil around the rootball and transplant. If you do it early in the year (like now) they don't even notice that they got moved.

I really love zinnias. As well as being beautiful, they draw in lots of butterflies and just keep on blooming. I did have zinnias here last year and the year before that but I want to put them in more spots this year than ever before.

Don't worry, as soon as things really green up and bloom, I will be taking lots of pictures to post.

North Shore of L. I., NY(Zone 6b)

This is the left side of my front yard out by the sidewalk. Looking at the picture all the way back were the bottom of the belgium block mini terraces meets the round rose plants that are over by the driveway, one can just see a speck of green in the corner. That is the two daylilies need moving out as that is were my lily bulbs I just ordered are going.

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Hazel Crest, IL(Zone 5a)

NY/Rita, I love the step up design of the garden.
JGrinter, you might have to wait on the ground drying. Latest report is rain Thursday night, 70+ this weekend with more rain on Sunday. Heard that there's some light rain further north this morning. Mike

North Shore of L. I., NY(Zone 6b)

My property is so multilevel that I had to put terracing in all around the garden to get it the way that I wanted.

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