Do you know a Secret Water Lover???

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We had this discussion here a couple of years ago but I'd like to have it again. What plants have you discovered that are secret water lovers - ones you wouldn't ordinarily think of as water garden plants but you grow them in your pond or bog?

From the last discussion it appears that these guys are secret water lovers. :
Calla Lily
Peace Lily
Chinese Evergreen
Elephant Ears - Colocasia
Some alocasias
Anubias - needs its roots tied to a log or rock
Golden pothos
Hibiscus acetosella
Marsh marigolds
Forget-Me-Nots ( Myosotis scorpiodes)
Chamelon Plant (Houttuynia cordata 'Variegeta')
Siberian Iris
Acorus gramineus 'Variegatus'
Texas Star Hibiscus
St. John's Wort

Boy that's already a long list but let's see what else we can come up with and I'll add to it....if you want to see the old thread here's the link

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You mean besides myself?????

(karen) Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Well I agree I love the water in the summer but yes I was really talking about plants. I am redoing my pond and I'm adding a sort of bog along one side so I'm really interested in some common plants that will do well in water. Right now the poor pond is completely naked. I took out the liner and rocks on Saturday(the liner has sprung a leak this winter) and later in the week I'm gonna start redoing the actual shape. It's amazing how much you learn AFTER you put in the pond - now I know what I actually want so I'm going to try to accomplish it.

I can't wait to try impatiens in the pond - I LOVE impatiens but we have really really hot dry summers here so they are hard to keep looking good. I plan to take this list with me when I get to go shopping for my NEW pond.

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