Ozark, MO(Zone 6a)

When I started my vegetable garden in its present spot about 12 years ago, I had the soil tested. The test came back with recommendations of what to add and how much. I added lime, magnesium sulfate, 10-20-10 fertilizer, and I don't recall what else according to the test recommendation. I had a great garden that year and every year since, but it seems to me that it dropped off just a bit last year.

I add compost to the soil every year, and every spring I till in some 10-20-10 before planting anything. I haven't added any lime for 12 years though, and we've had lots of torrential rains since I did. I last had the soil tested 3 years ago and they said everything was perfect, don't mess with it. The soil pH was 6.8 at that time.

I'm thinking it's been 12 years and maybe tilling in 100 lbs. of lime along with the 10-20-10 would be good before I plant anything. My garden is 35' x 50' = 1750 square feet. What do you think?

North Ridgeville, OH(Zone 5b)

Are the plants you grow there succeeding? Do they taste good?

Ozark, MO(Zone 6a)

Are the plants you grow there succeeding? Do they taste good?

Sure. We depend a lot on what I grow in the garden. Besides what we eat fresh in season, we freeze and/or can tomatoes, peppers, okra, cabbage (kraut), beets, sweet corn, and lots of other stuff. We still have a few of last year's vegetables in the freezer, and it's time to use those up because I'll be harvesting more fairly soon.

I think I answered my own question. I did some reading, and found that it's not good to add fertilizer and lime to a garden at the same time - there's a reaction between them that's not good for soil chemistry. Since I have to fertilize before spring planting, I'll wait until fall to add lime.

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