Motor Buffs: Will this engine fit this vehicle?

Tuskegee, AL(Zone 8a)

My beloved carry-anything-you-can-think-of 1994 Dodge Ram extended van has come down with a crack in the engine block. A failed freeze plug resulted in a tiny crack that my mechanic noticed when changing my tires -- he saw a 1.5" line of rust extending left from the rusted plug.

I found a fellow has a motor from a 2000 Dodge Ram truck that he took out when he upgraded to a hemi. Both engines are 5.9 liter, but I'm wondering about model changes that might make it a bad fit in the long run.

The truck owner would be doing the work, and he knows he'll need to move/install brackets to accommodate the 2000 engine.

He'll sell the engine and do the installation for $1,500.

Is this a good deal, or am I opening the door to endless problems by shoehorning in the wrong motor?

I'd be grateful for input from anyone who might know about the model changes that took place after 1994 and any truck-to-van transplant issues.

This van has carried vast amounts of nursery supplies for years, and I'm attached to her. I hope she'll pull through this.

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

I'd be concerned with the electronics. I'm fairly sure that and 5.9 will bolt in but I don't think it's a pure swap. I'd make sure that I could move all the electronics from the '94 onto the 2000 engine. By that I mean is the mounting points and holes in the right place for the sensors. The other option is might to go with the 2000 electronics if he has them all. I'd do a lot of research before I comitted to it. THe other question is how skilled is this guy. I'd look at how his truck works with the engine swap he did. does it look clean and professional or are there a bunch of disconnect wires and plugged vacuum lines.

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