Rhubarb in Zone 9

Batesburg, SC(Zone 8a)

We recently received rhubarb roots/plants from relatives in OH (Zone 5), to attempt to grow for fiances father. Is it even possible to grow rhubarb this far South? Has anyone ever done it before? We set up a raised garden spot for it, in partial shade. All we can do is see what happens with it. This whole place is a new purchase for us anyway. We have no idea what works best for regular veggie gardening here, not to mention a specialty crop like Rhubarb. The large garden plot is mostly clay...needing lots of organic matter added to it. Not to mention that plot is full sun most of the day. The planter we set up for the rhubarb, we took soil from the ditch-line in the middle of the property.
Anyway, I thought I would toss the topic in and see if anyone had any experience with it. Thank You in advance. :)

(Zone 9a)

Can't hurt to try it. You are close enough to the borderline of where it will grow well. Generally in the it does not get as robust and healthy as it would in a cooler climate, the stalks tend to be thin and pale. However, just recently I heard of a woman growing it successfully in Beaufort so go figure. Maybe it would help if you have a spot that gets afternoon shade.

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