critter visited the GH

St. Louis County, MO(Zone 5a)

This morning I went out to move plants outdoors for the day, it is overcast and breezy, a perfect day to start the hardening off process.

Right away I knew something was wrong. Something had been inside, half of the plants on the bottom shelf were missing their tops. Leaves of my sweet potato vine starts were gone, the tops of some of the tomatoes and some of the flowers. The last winter tray of lettuce and spinach looked like someone had been stomping on them. The doors had been shut, so this friend had to come in the window.

The tomatoes aren't a great loss, I always plant extras, but the vines and flowers were for the gardens at church.

Grrrr, there was what looked like bird poop but I've never had a bird chop off plants like that, have you?

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