Wyanet, IL

{ YEWS} Where online can I buy these I live IL and cant find them.. Also what is the spacing on planting these I need about 100ft worth.. thank you.. P.S .If you know any other hedges that would grow 6ft plus {tall} and stay green all year these would also work ..Thanks again Chad

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Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

There are companies that grow and sell just hedging plants and they come in all sizes, each type of plant you choose will tell you the planting distances for the size of pot the plants come in, also you will get planting instructions on the sites and the costing for the hedge you want, the plants can be sold as bare rooted (cheaper) or pot grown (more expensive) Whatever you choose, make sure you have the trenches dug and ready for the plants when they arrive, again the site / growers will give you best advice.
Look on the INTERNET for Hedging plants or tree nursery, they are the ones who grow them here in UK and I know there are sites in USA the same. good luck. WeeNel.

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