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roses and lilacs sharing garden space

Santa Cruz, CA

We are planting a new garden. We already have planted roses and would like to add lilacs nearby.
Will these plants have any compatibility issues? I've heard roses don't mix well with some plants.

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

You shouldn't have anything planted with roses that's going to be competing for root space.

Here's some articles on companion plants for roses

North Tonawanda, NY

I have a nearly 100yr old Lilac (my great grand mother planted it) and a climbing rose, and they "live" together. The rose is intertwined in the lilac and it's cool, because when the lilac fades for the season, the roses seem to take over. The lilac is the largest bush/tree in the entire yard, but the rose; which was also planted a long time before I was born seems happy there.

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