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Medina, OH

My recently purchased Jasmine is looking a little yellow. Does it need fertilizer? What type? Also leaves look a little wrinkled, help!

Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

Can you provide some more info and possibly a pic? Did you repot it? Are there any type of buggies bothering it? Could you be over watering it? Any more info you have would be helpful.

Hanceville, AL(Zone 7a)

Stephanotis jasmine or carolina jasmine? The 1st has white flowers and the 2nd yellow. I would not fertilize until I knew it's problem Luciee

Union City, CA(Zone 9b)

I water my star jasmine every 3 or 4 days but it is in well draining soil .
The night blooming one maybe once a week , but dogs like to pee on it .
Yellow leaves can be too wet , no water , shock from replanting , too much sun [ edges of leaves generally look kind of tan ] or bugs could be eating roots .
When you get a new plant look at where is is . If it came off a truck , it was probably in either full or part shade .
My new plants get set in a big plastic pan used for mixing cement [ a 1/4 cup of Seven poison 1/2 gallon water , 3 or 4 drops of super thrive and morning sun / afternoon shade for a couple of days . Then sit in yard a day or 2 where I will plant . If it does not like that spot - i move it .
By the way , the wife buy 6 packs of annuals - a hardware store sells a tray for hanging wall paper - She puts 6 packs in the tray a 1/4 cup of Seven poison 1/2 gallon water [ sometimes less ] , 3 or 4 drops of super thrive - this helps get the plants unstuck from plastic .
No a days even a cell phone can take a picture - so post one anytime for answers .

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Skeeler, please forgive me for butting in here, but I know how frustrated you must be to see the jasmine leaves turn yellow. This has been a difficult year for jasmine being grown indoors as houseplants and many of them are showing their unhappiness by turning yellow. Usually over watering or fertilizing will cause the yellow leaves.

I propagate and sell Jasmine and this year I had many small plants that all turned yellow and looked like they were gone. I use Ferti-lome Liquid Iron, it can be purchased on the internet. If you mix that according to the directions and spray your plant and put it in the soil, you will see a difference within a few days or more depending how severe your problem is. On hot days I sit my Jasmine in water in the greenhouse just so they do not dry out in the extreme heat. This time of year it is hard to over water unless you are in an AC home. You may be giving it too much sun this time of year also. The like sunshine but depending on where you have your plant, it may be too much.

Again, I apologize for butting in here, but Jasmine are the one plant that I really can propagate and grow and I have lots of experience learned from making mistakes. Therefore, I have lots of answers for the mistakes.

Feel free to contact me privately is I can help you any further. JB

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