Climbing Rose Bush and removing spent blooms

Warne, NC

I collect my rose flowers for drying and so I need to cut off the whole bud on the flowers I have not cut or just let the leaves drop off?
I heard I am suppose to remove spent blooms but I need further clarification.
Thanks in advance,probably a dumb question but I am new a gardening. I trimmed off my overhanging trees and shrub branches this spring and it gets more sunshine now and is so beautiful I want it to keep blooming!

Smiles, Cyndi

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Keaau, HI

I trim climbing roses by cutting the flowering stem back to the second leaf above the main stem.

Ozone, AR(Zone 6a)

What a beautiful rose and bush. My roses are wild and i leave them alone. Does yours have a fragrance? They look like an antique.
Sorry no info.

Warne, NC

Thanks so very much for information on this. I moved these roses to North Carolina and planted using a trellis and I will cut them back this week. They did not bloom as well this year but it was their first year here. They did grow very long climbers!

They did not really have a fragrant smell for a cut arrangement but they were beautiful the year this photo was taken and I collected many petals.
Smiles, Cyndi

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I dont know what type of Rose you have as there are some that are repeat flowering type and others that only flower once per year but from your notes, your Rose flowers more than once which is good if you want to collect the flowers as they bloom.

For this kind of Rose you do need to keep either dead heading the blooms as they begin to fade or cut the blooms JUST as the buds begin to show some faint colour, the latter is for when you wish to take the blooms indoors for a vase or display, if you wait till the blooms are more open, they wont last in the vase for as long as IF you cut them when just showing colour.
Remember with Roses, the true colour comes when the blooms are fully open, then they may fade again at this point which is why it's better to cut early rather than too late.

You have done the rose a great favour by cutting back the overhang tree's and letting a lot more light onto the stems etc, this helps to ripen the wood that takes up the sap and moisture as well as feed, this helps build up a strong flowering top growth that gives the best flowers too, at this time of year in my area UK, we begin to prune the summer growth after the last flowers have went over, also at this time I give my roses a good feed, I would do this with your climbers as when newly planted, they want to make lots of good roots to help build up energy for wonderful flowers starting early spring, I give a second handful or Rose feed or multi purpose feed late spring and gently fork this into the soil around the root area (try not to fork or dig too deep as you dont want to damage the nice tiny new roots that will spread out to search for water.
Also in winter I give my roes a good mulch about 2-3 inches deep laid around the root area or the whole border if you can as this helps retain moisture at the root area and also keeps weeds away.
Roses do like a fair amount of water when they are in fuul growing mode and they also like the side branches tied into-onto a frame so the wind / breeze cant damage the branches as they grow because this damage can allow diseases to get into the wooden branches, always allow plenty air to flow around the top growth or you may encourage powdery mildew (a white / grey powder on the leaves) it is not a plant killer but, is un-sightly and hard to get rid of, it likes to form on plants that don't get much air movement around them.
Lastly when you do cut the blooms either faded or new formed, make sure you don't just cut off the buds, but cut way back to an outward facing little growing bud that will form new growth as it matures, this way all new growth will grow on the outside of the branches rather than towards the inside and overcrowding. My preference for tying the branches onto the frame is for the branches to be trained with a slope down wards as this seems to give me better blooms and helps to keep flowers lower down rather than all growing way high up the top and cant be reached to cut.
Hope this helps a little and good luck, well done for transplanting your beloved rose and long may you have pleasure form it.
Good luck, WeeNel.

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