What is wrong with me?

Agawam, MA

Every windowsill is filled with plants. Every space 1 ft away from a window is filled with plants. I had to rearrange furniture when I brought in the plants that were outside this year.

Today I have a day off. Why do I have the urge to go to my favorite nursery that is 20 miles away? I think I need help. :)


Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

not a thing in the world wrong with you!!!!! You should see my living room, a 14x20' half of the living room is full. Every window, brugs going dormant everywhere I can keep them from the baby and dogs. And yes, still thinking 'hmmm....good time to start seeds, I can get them big before summer!!'
LOL, this is the life, isn't it????

Toadsuck, TX(Zone 7a)

Cindy.......nothing wrong with you! Did you consider putting them all around the house, and inclosing the back porch? Get your keys and head for the nursery.


Point Pleasant Beach, NJ(Zone 7a)

Oh MY...LOL I know exactly how you feel. I keep telling my husband we have to do this and that, because if we don't my 120+ plants will not survive the winter. I have 80% on my enclosed balcony. But I have to get heat lamps or something out there. I need to get more lights. And everytime I go to the store I cannot resist getting more plants. I have a 1yro and I can't put all my plants where I would like to because he will eat them. So I have to wait til he is a bit older so I can put them where I want to. But for now, I have them stuffed here and there. It's horrible and addicting and very time consuming. But I love it and am so glad I got into house plants. My husband and friends think I am a bit on the whacky side. Most don't want to talk about plants. I need to find some real life plant friends near me...lol
I usually am tempted to go up to somebody's door and ask them if I can have a cutting from their plants. I haven't yet. But I get the feeling that one day I will....lol

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

pssssssst you a plantaholic like most of us! =]

Agawam, MA

...ughh...forgot to mention that I have 30 windows in my house...groan

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ(Zone 7a)

Oh how i wish I had 30 windows I have 5 plus the balcony windowsill, which is 10ft. I live in an APt. So I am always jealous of everyone elses window space. I always imagine what plants I could put where. Heck I even dream about it. Can't wait to be in a house. When I do get into one, I will most definately be looking for the amount of sun it gets, plus how many windows there are.
2 walls of my apartment don't have any windows Just front and back. I tell you it stinks...lol Never had a problem before I had plants. But now I have been aking my husband can't we knock down one of these concrete walls and put in some windows....lol

Hey,tig,do you have an old playpen? If so put your poisonious plants in the playpen,will sure to keep bady and dog away from them.

Agawam, MA

Hey Holly,
We started out in an apartment too - we only had 2 windows - one in the bedroom and the sliding glass door. I had all my plants in front of the door, my DH called it the jungle. (That was 20 years ago, eeks!) I think when we moved, we had more plants than furniture! My plant addiction definitely influenced the house that we are in now - I even took into consideration which direction the house faces to know what kind of light would come in which windows!

Now, do I have time to get to that nursery before the kids get home...

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ(Zone 7a)

LOL!!!!! Yes you can get there before the kids get home. Shut off the puter, grab your keys and goooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
I would too if I could, but I can't so I won't...lol

New Iberia, LA(Zone 9a)

Yes, I have same problem like you all.. Notning wrong with you! Grab your key and gooo!!! Enjoy yourself!

Agawam, MA

OK, well I managed a compromise. Didn't trek the whole 20 miles to my favorite nursery - went to a closer one and only bought one plant.

Ficus "alii" - cool ficus with 6-8" long, slender, creased leaves.

OK, done until I need my next fix...

Fall River, MA(Zone 6a)

so glad i read this thread ... lol ... i am getting ready to go house hunting and i really really really want to be able to have lots of plants inside as well as out, and you guys have given me the brilliant idea of buying a compass to take along on these expeditions to be able to precisely determine where the sun shine will lay :)

happy watering!

Agawam, MA

Hey Karenmarie,
Make sure you check out the width of the windowsills too! :)

Louisville, KY(Zone 6a)

Just think of all the fresh air we all are breathing. We havent built our house yet and I was thinking about making sure we orient the house for the best possible sunlight too! When my kiddos start school, I plan on going to work for plants at a nearby nursery!

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