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AVSA Convention

Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

I am visiting with my DD for her 50th BD in NJ. one hour away from Cherry Hill/Philadelphia AVSA Convention and we want to go, both DD and I - they dabble in AV's and this will be nice for them to see.

I have gone to a number of NYS conventions and I think they are very impressive.

The show is open every day but they show different activities for each day. Our time frame is Friday - last day -. Can we pay at the door? Is the show open to the public every day - all day? Is there something important we should know about before?

I am sooo looking forward to this.

The punch bowl

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(tish) near Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

WoW ! That is one cleaver idea!

A friend and I went last year for Fri and Sat. We couldn't go to any activities unless we were registered for the convention (we were not registered). We did pay at the door to get into the show room and they had it set up that you had to go thru the show room to get into the sales room. Couldn't just go into the sales room. We had to pay each day..I think it was a lower door fee if you were an AVSA member and could give your membership number. They did stamp our hand so we could come and go all day. We went to an internet dinner (it was pay your own way) and was open to just show up and meet the other members that are on the assorted groups....that was fun. Thad Scaggs, Linda Rowe, Dale Martin, John McDonald, and a lot of the consistant posters we've come to know were there to meet one another...I really enjoyed that a lot. I think though there are two different internet dinner groups...maybe someone can chime in the difference...one is maybe more low key than the other.

Don't know how it will be planned out this year. If you don't find any info, send an email to AVSA asking who to contact.

Sounds like a nice idea. You will probably see many av people you haven't seen in years!

They also sell some gesneriads! David Harris will have his sinningias and Marcia Belisle will have episcia and assorted gesneriads. As well as Rob's and Lyndon Lyon will have a few. A lady is trying to talk me into flying up for the day; she does it all the time, but I've never traveled for day trips before.... but the gesneriads are tempting me!

~ tish ~

Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

makes me a bit more comfortable. We'll see how it goes.

Kittrell, NC(Zone 7b)

Tish, we had a ball didn't we?? Helen, you will enjoy it so much!! You get to meet the people that are behind all of the beauties we grow. I just wish that it wasn't so far away this year and besides I have a wedding in the works, so maybe next year. I have heard that it might be in Richmond Va.(2012) I can do that.

Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

I am so looking forward to the 10 days as we will have different things going on for my Heidi's 50th BD. City to Mario's Restaurant. Private Surprise party arranged by her DH.Tha's pretty much my mind and body can handle right now.

Thank you girls for this input.Like I said always loved the NY State conventions.Helene

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