Alice and Claire got admired

Denver, CO

Today a lady knocked on my door to ask me about my chickens. They were out on the front yard, which they had escaped to because they are brats, and just get great enjoyment from doing things they're not suppose to. She said she had 3 chickens, and wanted to know how to make her chickens as well behaved as mine. My knees got weak, and I kind of giggled a little, and just thought OMG there are brattier chickens than mine??? I really couldn't give her any advice. But it was nice to talk to another chicken person.

Bridgewater, ME

I know its great to talk to others about our chickens,my dh gets so mad at me when I talk about chickens to anyone,he will say don`t get her going about chickens she will talk all day.LOL

Denver, CO

Yes, here was this lady on my front porch, wanting to know how I got my chickens to be so well behaved. They had escaped, and were being bratty, and not coming when called,. but someone else thought they were well behaved, lol. They did come when I brought out the bag of sunflower seeds, and then did their cute tricks.

Ferndale, WA

I love this conversation, and can't think of any persons that are more loving and caring about their birds. Ellie your stories are always so interesting, and cute I might add.

Green I really enjoy what you have to say. Tell you Hubbie, I said he is a very lucky man. Your loving, caring enthusiasm towards your birds is a great example of a Lady of great passion. He should always remember he is the receipient of that passion and love. I know what I'm talking about as my own dear wife has that same passion and love. I also am a very fortunate man, and I don't ever want to forget that...Hay

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