Where is the pollen pretty plllz?

Solingen, Germany(Zone 7a)

Greetings, from Germany.
These three Violets have proven to be reliable under the environmental conditions that I provide them with. Now, as I consider, to crosspollinate these in order to create my own stock of hybrids, the Q arises (again) from the observation that the Anthers are smooth and I cannot detect the least amount iof pollen on these.
Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance!

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Sanbornton, NH

Hi haweha,

The pollen is inside the yellow anthers. I crush the anthers and use a small paintbrush to do my pollination. Seems to work for me. BTW, the blue violet on the right looks like one of the 'space baby' violets. If so, I believe they are sterile.

Earle G

Solingen, Germany(Zone 7a)

Thank you so much!
I made the mistake, that I would search for "pollination Saintpaulia" first - rather than what I did now, namely "pollination African Violet" - that I gathered the informations almost on the spot, to use older flowers as pollen donors (then the pollen is more likely to be DRY) and cut the Anthers in half in order to obtain the pollen, and to pollinate flowers that are younger (2-3 days old)
Thank you particularly, for the information about the "Space Baby". I shall try anyway, but it will save me from undue expectations.

I opened this Thread, because this morning I was beholding the beauty of these flowers, and reflecting about the fact, that these three plants as a whole make a good show and that they are such reliable re-bloomers, without repotting even, since I had purchased them in spring/summer 2009. Now I want offspring of these!

Sanbornton, NH

Glad to be of help. You will want to propagate the 'space baby' from leaf cuttings to increase your number of plants. From my experience, the 'space babies' are very slow-growing, but they put on a spectacular show when they start to bloom. Many more blooms per plant than a standard african violet and they seem to go on blooming for months and months. Have fun with them.

Earle G

Upland, CA

Love the blue on the right..I bought very similiear to that a few weeks ago..Nicole potted it up..maybe I should have left it alone..thanks for sharing..


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