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Merino, Australia

Here we are, a brand new thread so people dont get lost along the last long path.
We came from here.
Very overcast again this morning. Yesterday was a total loss to do anything outside with rain most of the day and an icy wind.
if we are getting winter now, maybe that means an early spring.
Hello Chrissy, Colleen, Teresa, Karen, Pam and Elaine.
Anthony, I hope you can find us and are able to join us in the Tea Room.
Anna and anyone else looking in, please join us. We do love to chat.
Charleen, keep showing us your pretty garden, we love to see other friends gardens.
Louise. Hope to see you soon , after you settle back in at the NH house.
I'm off to the heater to warm my toes.
Have a great weekend and stay safe if you are going out.
Happy Easter.

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

How about some beautiful mini roses. Got them at grocery store last fall for $2.00, worth much more than that now. The color on these are fantastic. I hope Anthony can get on.....

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barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. Beautiful roses Charleen. I do love roses. Brug flowers everywhere at the moment and still more to come. Paradise. aaaahhhhhh. Have visitors for the weekend and sister went home yesterday so have been pre-occupied. Hope all are well. We haven't had much rain but it is quite nippy. Yabby trip wasn't much of a success. You need a boat to get out to the deeper water to set the pots. We did a bit of hand yabbying but only caught 5. The boys had great fun and finished up running in the mud and slush. Shoes and all had to be washed when we got home but they had a ball, That's what it's all about anyway. Next door got their palms cut down so I have lots of palm to put my Broms on. Just have to find the room to put the Must go, hope everyone has a great Easter. Be back later. Colleen

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Thank you, Colleen. Glad the boys loved their outing.

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Brisbane, Australia

Good beautiful morning to Jean, and everyone. How lovely to come in to these colourful roses, Charleen. Love them. Colleen, are palms suitable to grow broms on? I have a couple, but they seem to have long dead fronds that sweep the sides of the tree. I have to wait until they are down far enough to remove. I was afraid to put anything on them because of this habit.

I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Easter with family and friends. A fine one would be nice too.


rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

gee!-im thirsty!!!i wonder what caused that problem,.,.went fishing this morning with inherited grandson,.we caught 2 [size] flathead,then the wind and rain picked up,so i came home and devoured a packet of crumpets [cream cheese and vegemite] mmmmm!i have a big slab of 'blue eye'[gold plated]ready for tea,-looking foreward to that,.,.but for now,its back outside to empty more pots,..,,.''more room'',''i buy in more bulbs,better ones''-''somebody stop me'',-anthony

Sydney, Australia

Gee I don't know where there is a bulbs anonymous or a Brugmansias Anonymous ...even a gardener's anonymous. ^_^

Have fun tonight.
Beautiful mini roses there Charleen.

Great to hear happy people enjoying their day ...well except for the cane toad cestrum uncovered in the mulch ...eeek!

Merino, Australia

Anthony, glad you found us. Can I come for tea ? That fish sounds nice. Maybe a crumpet or two with honey please.
Karen, my daughter in Perth grows broms and ferns on her palms. I guess it depends on the type of palm. Hers are very tall and the hanging bits are too high to damage the plants

Brisbane, Australia

Thanks Jean. I'll rethink the palm situation. Would be good to have something interesting on those tall, bare trunks.

Anyone get that storm yesterday? No damages here, but we got so thoroughly drenched. Even my plants in the carport got saturated, so there must have been a wind out there.

All my zygocactus are coming into bud. I am excited, as there are one or two I haven't seen in flower yet. However, my little variagated one hasn't got any buds. It looks like it isn't sure if it is happy with life or not, though I have it with my other zygos, in the same conditions. May be a bit finicky?

Have a safe and happy Easter, one and all.

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Happy Easter to all from Charley and the Donkeys.....

Merino, Australia

❁ ❀ ❁ ❀ Good morning everyone. ❁ ❀ ❁ ❀
The sun is trying to come out so I am hopeful of a nice day, as was yesterday after lunch.
I started moving the broms into the older greenhouse and they do look really good as I have higher benches in there where one can see the lovely colors closeup .
I cant put the hanging baskets in there as you cant hang anything on the frame. It is too flimsy to hold weight. I will make some sort of posts that I can display the smaller basket ones on.
I will post some pics when I finish.
Hello Karen. My zygos are budding too. I have read that the variegated one is a bit iffy. I dont have any so cant tell you. I have one beautiful white with a pink edge which is always first out . It is just about to open.
Even some of my small cutting grown ones have buds.
Hello Chrissy, yes , we are all a bit mad around our favorite plants and should all attend a gardeners anonymous club.
I am going to move a camellia later as it doesnt get seen as much as it should. I will put it out in the open and then replace it with my Dracunculus which has to come out of the shadehouse.
I also have a large Green Goddess arum to move. She has been getting so big in the corner of the shadehouse. I may put her in the brom greenhouse as there is a bit of a corner space.
Charleen, your roses are so lovely. I only have on miniature that struggles out in the garden. Probably because I always forget its there.
Hello Colleen. I'm glad you let the boys have their natural fun in the mud. I am getting so sick of seeing all the ads etc saying we should use this or that to kill germs.
If our bodies never get any germs , how can the system learn to fight them.
One has to laugh at the idiots extolling all this as there are so many germs on things we touch every day like our plants, our shoes, our purse etc etc....
PC gone mad.
I saw an interesting article in a magazine the other day. Well , interesting to me , and I'm sure many other ladies.
The panties from back in the 30, & 40s are making a comeback and sales of thongs have fallen a bit. It may sound silly to the fellas, but I, for one , am sick of trying to find undies that actually look and fit like undies.
I am sure some of the young things that were buying thongs etc are now growing up and finding that a nice pair of comfortable undies can also be very pretty and sexy.
Maybe they are tired of pulling the darn skimpy undies from their rear ends
Better get a move on as I want to make a start on moving my broms early.
Hello to everyone out there. I hope you are enjoying Easter and I am leaving some pretty egg baskets around the place for you all.
Charleen and Louise, you will find special ones out there for the girls and Charley.
Stay safe and warm.

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se qld, Australia

I was trying to work out what parties and thongs had to do with one another Jean, and then did a re-read. Oops! At least it makes more sense now.

Quote from DawnSong :

However, my little variagated one hasn't got any buds. It looks like it isn't sure if it is happy with life or not, though I have it with my other zygos, in the same conditions. May be a bit finicky?

Try a LOT finicky! I propagated half a dozen cuttings from mine and gave them away, only to have mine decide to turn up its toes shortly thereafter. Of course, by the time the plants I'd givben away would have had time to reach a suitable size to get a bit back from, we'd moved, and I can no longer even remember who I'd given most to.

There was (probably still is) a woman at Gympie advertising zygo's in the garden mags. I rang her and asked if she has the variegated one and she said, "oh yes, I have several different colours, so I put in a substantial order, only to receive tiny wee cuttings of plain green plants. Her interpretation of variegated obviously translated (conveniently for her) into different shading within the flowers.

A tip I learned with zygos a number of years ago - after flowering, if you do a prune, cutting each end leaf in half,the plant will form a branch there, producing twice as many flowers next time around.

Plenty of brushcutting and pruning do do today, and rally must make the effort to get in and do something with the vegie garden. Am so sick of eating the rubbish from the shops. To make matters worse, there's a tomato farm that started up a few months ago, just down the road on the way into town. Whatever they're putting on them makes them grow and produce very quickly - you can almost see them growing as you drive past, but hubby rides a motor bike to work and says when he rides past of an afternoon, he can smell the chemicals from the road. YUCK!

Have a great day all.


Sydney, Australia

here is another to copy and paste to your collection
..((..♥../)/) HAPPY EASTER EVERY ONE ♥♥♥
..( '.')....('.' )
*. *

Clifton Springs, Australia

Chrissy, you are definitely addicted......but if they are making you happy then go for it....I will go and look for some unusual ones, though you have probably found them
Jean and I just ate our Easter Eggs...have you had yours yet?

Sydney, Australia

I hope everyone is enjoying their day it drizzling a bit here and there and still grey.

I was lucky enough to hear from a long lost cousin today.
She spoke of having lost both of her breasts to the big C but has survived and had a reconstruction done.
That makes 6 ladies I care for who are victims I count my blessings and ask everyone to send loving thoughts and prayers out into the universe for all who are fighting the monster that the big C is.
Remembering our own here in d's g too ...

We must take one day at a time and count our blessings ...for every day is a blessing ...just ask my cousin.

Sydney, Australia

Lol Dianne ... no I scabbed this one off FB because I thought it was clever ... and I do admire clever.
I have a folder in my mail now where I stash the "collection".

It's growing by the day.
There are ones for all sorts of occasions.

Sydney, Australia

That's naughty should'nt have the eggs until Sunday ...well that's what we do in order to make it a tradition, mind you I suppose we are old fashioned and it really does not matter much ...chocolate is an everyday thing these days.
Pam yes we live in a market garden area and you can smell dreadful sprays sometimes coming from some of the farms ...I think I mentioned before one strawberry grower told me they sprayed the strawberries twice a week with pesticide ...I haven't eaten any that are not home grown since.

I am not discussing smalls in front of mixed company but to say that Winter may curtail the thong sales (too breezy) and I am a Bond's Cottontails fan.

My beautiful Clivias have been chewed to the ground practically overnight I have grown these for many many years and they have never had this happen before ...first time anything has eaten them at all.Hoping the bulbs themselves have survived.
I recall a few years back something (disease) killed off all the new release impatients ...I planted the pretty new ones and the stuff spread to mine and killed them too.
I guess every now and then something like this happens and it's very disappointing but it's the gardeners lot.
Watch your bulbs because they took out my Swamp lillies and some of the gingers too.
Weather? maybe the funny weather allowed them to breed up.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their day.

Brisbane, Australia

Hi everyone. I just wanted to seriously wish you all a very Happy Easter. Tomorrow we can all get sick on chocolate (or not) and I am restricted to a block dark of liqueur choc, which I've already sampled, I have to admit.

Re the variagated zygocactus, I never see them in the shops or nurseries, and indeed, the lady I got my piece from is the only person I've ever found growing it. I'd seen pics of it, all from overseas growers.


Thumbnail by DawnSong
Sydney, Australia

Love that little picture Karen ...I don't enjoy chocolate but usually have one of those eensy weensy choc eggs just because it's Easter, I love my hot cross bun on Good Friday.

In case I don't get the chance tomorrow same to you and everyone here .
Don't get a tummy ache folks but enjoy your day.

barmera, Australia

Happy Easter everyone. Am just winding down from my visitors. Been a hectic few days but should be back to normal now. John has brought me some cuttings of the most gorgeous apricot brug. I haven't seen OA in the flesh so don't know if that's it or not. Has OA got a white throat inside? I've called it Reynella Orange for now so I know what the cuttings are. The lady where John got it from said that she doesn't have much luck striking it, but the cuttings that she sent were mostly green so I think that might be her problem. John gave her one of his RFP plants and took a piece of Clementine back to her too. He is going to give her my PH number and she can get in touch with me if she wants to. Be interesting to see if she does. Well tea time and the boys are waiting so had better go. be back later. Colleen

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Sunshine Coast, Australia

Happy and Blessed Easter everyone!

I visited an Open Garden today. Admission by gold coin donation.The owners gave me some cuttungs. Very nice people.
This is their website.

Picture of my flowering Begonia

Thumbnail by Marleneann
Sydney, Australia

Happy Easter everyone ...Don't eat too many Easter Eggs ^_^

Thumbnail by chrissy100
se qld, Australia

Why not Chrissy? lol

On the subject of discussing smalls in mixed company, don't you just hate it when you go to the shop and buy something like underwear or other feminine bits and pieces and the only checkout/s open are staffed by males?

Lucky you, Marleneann. You're in a good spot to have access to some fantastic open gardens down that way.

Anyone who saw Gardening Australia last night, if you ever in the Wellington NSW vicinity, the Burrendong Arboretum that they featured is well and truly worth a visit. After around early Spring though it can get quite warm there, though, and there's a lot of walking to be done. I used to love visiting when were were withing driving distance.

Has anyone here ever been to the ANBG at Canberra? It's well up there on my wish list.


Merino, Australia

❃ ❂ ❁ ❀ ♬ ♪ ♭ ♫♪ ٩(̮̮̃̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(̮̮̃̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ♬ ♪ ♭ ♫♪ ❃ ❂ ❁ ❀
Good morning everyone and a very Happy Easter.
I ate my eggs already and also the hot cross buns. I will have to wait now until shopping day and maybe buy another one. I do like chocolate. Only milk chocolate though. Hubby eats the awful dark stuff and white chocolate is not real chocolate to me.
i am very good with any chocolate usually and ration myself if I buy a block.
I finished moving the broms yesterday as the showers went away by mid morning.
They look very nice and I will go out and get a few pics when the sun comes out. I can now have fun demolishing the old shadehouse. There will be a few small plants left but they can stay and live in the new greenhouse when it gets here. I will have to watch as I remove the shadecloth because I have seen a few large huntsmen at times in there.
I see even more of my ranuncs and anemones coming up . May be a short winter and an early spring.
Hello Chrissy. Your brugs look beautiful on the other thread. Hope your brother is doing well now.
Hello Pam. I am usually so annoyed at what I have to buy in the undies dept. that I really dont worry who is on the checkout.
Can I just have one more gripe ? Socks and hankies...... what happened to proper socks and lovely ladies hankies?
I could not find a decent hankie and ended up buying from USA where they are listed as collectables. Can you believe it ?
I now have some very pretty ones .
Socks .... hmmmm....... I always wear socks and cannot abide those silly little things that barely cover your feet. Not good for me as they slide under my feet ,so I am restricted to mens departments because apparently its still okay for men to wear proper socks.
okay, thats enough of that.
I hope everyone has a lovely day and doesnt overdo the chocolate.
I am going to eat the last couple of lamingtons and imagine they are all chocolate.
Happy Easter Dianne, Elaine, Karen, Teresa, Anthony, Charleen and Louise.
Enjoy your gardens and keep safe .
Just another indulgence, but have an Easter Egg each from the Tea Room.

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Happy Easter to you all too!!!

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

i helped molly on a easter egg hunt at 7am,,she doesnt recognise that easter eggs also come in boxes,so she walks straight past them,.,.jean,i buy 3 prs of merino fleece socks at the start of winter[$17 a pair] and my feet still freeze,..,and if the'chubby checkout chicks' at woolworths want to check out my XL bonds ''restrainers''5 pack-good luck to them ,.they could even book a private modelling session if necessary[i hope nobodys just eaten],.enjoy easter everyone-anthony

se qld, Australia

Jean, you're not looking in the right places for hankies. Grace Brothers used to sell nice hankies when we lived in NSW, but I'm not about to travel interstate to buy hankies. lol

Remember when ladies used to do embroidery and made the most exquisite hankies by the dozen? Well many tucked them away in drawers. After they've passed on, or simply moved on, their families come along and don't appreciate their embroidered hankies, or their doileys that they've spent many hours creating, or their beautiful tatted pieces and simply donate them to op shops. Admittedly, hankies in good condition are not common there, but they do turn up.

Sydney, Australia

❤.*""*.❤ ❤.*""*.❤ ❤.*""*.❤❤.*""*.❤ ❤.*""*.❤ ❤.*""*.❤❤.*""*.❤ ❤.*""*.❤ ❤.*""*.❤❤.*""*.❤ ❤.*""*.❤.*""*.❤ ❤.*""*.❤ ❤.*""*.❤❤.*""*.❤ ❤.*""*.❤ ❤.*""*.❤❤.*""*.❤ ❤.*""*.❤ ❤.*""*.❤
❤.*""*.❤ ❤.*""*.❤ ❤.*""*.❤❤.*""*.❤ ❤.*""*.❤ ❤.*""*.❤❤.*""*.❤ ❤.*""*.❤ ❤.*""*.❤
It's Easter Sunday ...I miss hiding the Easter Eggs that was so much fun.
Enjoy it while they a little ones, they grow up so quickly.

Have a lovely morning everyone!

Thumbnail by chrissy100
Clifton Springs, Australia

Your characters actually look like the lace from a pretty hankie, Chrissy....

As I said, I ate my Darryl Lea egg yesterday and tonight I will start on my Cherry Ripe one and tomorrow I will probably be sick....
They are especially nice on these dull days.....
Anthony, isn't it great that you have little Molly to enjoy Easter eggs with......I bet she ended up with heaps...

Jean, what size do you take in sox.....I buy mine, black or white from a chemist in Anglesea, they are about 3pr for $12....
I buy them only from that shop...we go for a drive there, quite often.....long ones in winter, shorties in summer....they wash beautifully too...and they are very soft with wide tops that aren't tight......perfection in sox....

Looking around the garden for camera practice, I saw this snail shell suspended in mid air.....
I realised that it was being held in place by a spider web......this clever spider is living in the shell.
When I touched the web, he/she shot out of the shell to check out his latest lunch....when he saw that it was me, he/she rushed back in.....probably contemplating how much silk he/she would need to wrap me up....
What an effort to raise the shell, it is about 45cm off the ground.....did he/she carry it up or did he attach silk and haul it up?
What an enterprising spider...if he was human he would probably be a housing

This is as I first saw the shell...

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Clifton Springs, Australia

This is after he saw me and was reversing back in...

I thought that I had missed the shot....

This message was edited Apr 24, 2011 4:32 PM

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Sydney, Australia

Ha ha ha a hermit spider, they do that in my Brug blooms sometimes.
look what I found for Jean ...I raided a shop specialising in antiques and the Easter Greetings are lovely old post cards.
So gentle and old fashioned. the Hanky came from another shop.

Thumbnail by chrissy100
Sydney, Australia

mmm maybe this one

Thumbnail by chrissy100
Sydney, Australia

Antique ones ...sorry they are only cyber ones Jean.
Ease up on the chocs ...awe what the heck it's only once a year,
go for it!

Thumbnail by chrissy100
Merino, Australia

Chrissy, I love the hanks. So pretty. I have some really beautiful ones in the lot I bought from USA. One is unusual, showing a young couple dancing. real old rock 'n' roll with the full skirt flaring out.
Thanks for the tip Dianne. I will check out the chemists in Hamilton. I did find some nice socks last week in Aldis . They are mens but very comfortable. I cant wear thick socks even when my feet are freezing. I do wear my sheepskin slippers a lot in the cold weather. I have to always remember to take them off when I wander outside.
That spider is very clever. Must be one of the ones that use rolled up leaves. He/she must have decided to go upmarket. A Toorak spider ??
I have moved all my broms and am having a rest. I still have a bit of the shadehouse to demolish. I only came across one huntsman and one centipede so far. They must have known I was coming and made a run for it before I squished them.
Let me tell you, when a huntie is looking you in the eye, a hammer is a great weapon. Squish. .......
Anthony, how lovely to spend some fun time with Molly , looking for Easter Eggs.
Better go and put my tools away and close up the greenhouse for the night.

Brisbane, Australia

Jean, I'm with you on men's socks. That's all I wear. David Jones used to sell plain white hankies, with embroidery in one corner. I used to crochet a pretty border around the edge if they didn't have one. Always gave them away as gifts, so none left :

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

my beautiful old aunty bev used to have those lovely hankies and when she brought them out,they would smell of lavender or napthalene,..,its amazing how many memories,revolve around my aunty bev,considering,she died when i was 23,.,.homemade christmas bikkies,..,cooking mutton birds,..,.,christmas lilies,.,.pet birds,,..beautiful roast meals,..,sleep well everybody-anthony

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Happy Easter everyone. Wonder How that spider got that shell up there both pictures are great!!!!
Loved them...

Sydney, Australia

Lest we forget ...
Remembering our Anzacs.

Thumbnail by chrissy100
Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

In memoriam

Thumbnail by themoonhowl
barmera, Australia

LEST WE FORGET. Good morning everyone. Quite nippy here this morning. The boys are still snoozing and it lovely and quiet. Not much planned for today yet. The boys have still lots of chocolate to eat. Easter Bunny came Friday night here this time as Uncle John was here but the boys reckon he might come again Saturday night. He didn't. Can someone please put up a couple of really good pics of OSA for me to have a look at? John brought me some pieces of this beautiful orange brug . I have one flower yet to come out and want to see if it's OSA. I hope everyone is feeling well today. How are the sore shoulders going? I always get a sore neck but I get the boys to massage my shoulders and the pain goes. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I'll be back later. Colleen

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