100 Heirloom Tomatoes for the American Garden

Piedmont, SC(Zone 7b)

Hi All,
I love this book!! I bring this book with me every year to use as a field guide at the Asheville Herb Festival. This year, as I am preparing and making lists I've realized that my beloved book is missing. I moved a few months ago and I suspect that it may have mistakenly been placed with my donated books. I am crushed!!! Imagine my surprise when I went online to purchase another and saw them selling for as much as $260.88!

If anyone has a spare copy or one you don't want I would be thrilled to purchase it from you for a resonable price.

Thanks everyone and have a Happy Easter ;-)

-Desparately Seeking in South Carolina (lol)

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

Seed Savers Exchange has it for 18.95 plus shipping. Sand Hill Preservation has it for 19.50 postpaid.

Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

tia, 260 is the highest I've seen yet for my book. It would have been nice if Workman Press had told me it would be out of print, but they didn't.

Can't post the details now b'c I have to watch a semi-final tennis match from Barcelona , I'm a tennis maven, but will be back to flesh out some details later.


Piedmont, SC(Zone 7b)

thanks so much Doug! ;-)

Carolyn, sounds like you are having a marvelous day!

I will check my history from this morning to see which site had the $260.88...just a quick check shows Amazon ranging anywhere from $44.40 to $246.27. WOW!
I wish I would've known it would be out of print, I would've stocked up!!! LOL!!
BTW, thank you for your wonderful book-just wanted you to know that it brought me much joy and inspired me to get out there and play in the dirt-something this city girl never thought she would do! ;-)

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

And Carolyn wants the check sent directly to her (grin)

Los Gatos, CA(Zone 10a)

I tried to buy this book back in February when Carolyn told me about it and found Amazon was sold out. Now I see they want $999.99 at Amazon for a new copy. I will try Sand Hill. I like the $19.50 price better. I'm interested in the latest and greatest varieties (taste-wise) trend-wise. BTW, Carolyn mentioned GWRipes. What does that stand for? Glad to see you enjoy tennis also. The Tennis Channel is always on here.

Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

GWRipes is Green when ripes, one of my favorite kinds of tomato varieties along with the hearts.

I can tell you that Baker Creek and SESE ( Southern Exposure Seed Exchange) are sold out. I don't know about TGS ( Tomato Growers Supply) and don't know the status at Sandhill Preservation, and can't remember if Victory was selling the book.

For Sandhill I think it would be OK to try and e-mail off the site. They don't take orders via e-mail for seeds and the other stuff but may be able to help via an e-mail.

Then there's the drop down list at Amazon with some suggestions as well, where the book prices are all over the lot.

And others have Googled it and also found some decent prices.

And now a bit of background.

I was asked to write the book after an article about me and two others appeared in the NY Times. So didn't write it and then go looking for an agent or a publisher. At first I turned down the efforts of Workman Press b;c my mother was very ill at the time but I finally gave in.

The book was subcontracted by Smith and Hawken to Workman. There were four in the series that had the same size and number of pages and similar titles; two on roses and one on orchids and mine.

Two years ago they reprinted it but it was identical to the initial edition and I'm sorry I didn't get any input b/c I would have updated the Seed Source page drastically to reflect new and in some cases better sources.

To date I have received no royalties from the book but that's b'c the photography costs were huge, which I was responsible for and I didn't write the book for money anyway and I did receive a generaous non-returnable advance.

A staff member at SESE wanted to buy more books recently and was told by Workman that the book was out of print so he e-mailed me and said the response was that it wasn't unusual for the subcontracted Smith and Hawken books to go out of print.

Smith and Hawken holds the copyright on the text and Frank, the photographer, the copyright on the photos. Some have suggested that I do something like an e-book with it or have it published elsewhere, but that can't happen unless I have the copyright myself so I guess sometime I'll contact the legal dept at Workman and see where things are. And any republishing would have to be agreed on by Frank and the last time I was in contact with him was the Fall of 1998 although I do know how to contact him.

No, there will be no second 100 or whatever as many have asked for. Physically that's way beyond me now. What does interest me are the suggestions that I do a text only book on the histories of tomato varieties that interest me.

There are threads about the book going out of print at several places online and honestly I think they're very amusing as folks compete to get a book before someone else gets a book from that place. LOL And then someone said that an autographed book would bring more money if resold so then folks asked me if I would do same for their books.

I've always autographed the book for a person or even as a gift to another person and posted the circumstances under which I do autographs.

I have four new copies still here at home and here they stay. I jested by saying that if I sold them to someone that I should get half the take. LOL

Tia, my brother and family moved from here to NC about 5 years ago and live about 18 miles north of Asheville and there sits an autographed copy of the book I gave to my brother, but I don't think my dear sweet brother would sell a book his somewhat older but wiser sister gave to him. LOL

Carolyn, who really feels good to hear that the book has helped so many folks. I think it was one of the first of that kind to show tomatoes as they really are and not photoshopped pictures of perfect heirloom tomatoes, so the pictures and cut cross section show reality. Frank drive an hour each day for several months to take the pictures and every day he'd take the cut fruits home for sauce, etc.. After all, his name is Ianotti. LOL

Allen Park, MI(Zone 6a)

I brought a copy of the book to a class I did "Growing Great Tomatoes" The attendees are very frustrated because they can't find it.


Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

Paul, I could have sworn that you did that class last year b'c I remember you asking about my book and taking it to class last year.

Or am I really dreaming that you asked me long ago about that? I don't think so. ( smile) I Do remember you discussing what you wanted to present and more.


Allen Park, MI(Zone 6a)

Yep, we discussed it.

Piedmont, SC(Zone 7b)

thanks again to Doug9345! I just snagged the book @ Seed Savers Exchange for $18.95 plus shipping. If anyone is thinking about purchasing the book I would grab it now before they too are sold out. ;-)

Los Gatos, CA(Zone 10a)

Found Carolyn's book at Sand Hill Preservation. I e-mailed them ahead to make sure they had it but one must print off the order form and mail in a check to them. The cost was $19.50. Thanks Doug. I know their stuff takes a long time to get here based on previous orders.

Saylorsburg, PA(Zone 6a)

Thanks Mystic for your post. I bought the book at Seed Savers Exchange last night. Wonder how many copies they still have!

Helena, MT

At least three less than they had yesterday. I purchased an extra for a friend here in DG. Think we should all do the same and maybe we can get this back in print. Doesn't seem right to me that Carolyn has not received any royalties. Shouldn't there be some way around this problem?

Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

No, I should not have received royalties as I explained above. The cost for any book published is paid out of book sales and that cost is charged to the author of the book. Because the photogrpahy costs were so high the cost for my book was high.

I received a generous advance for doing the book and that money was non-returnable. I receive two statements each year and got one just two weeks ago and it showed that I still owed 22K out of book sales. I do not have to pay that money.

It is the decision of the publisher when a book goes out of print and the author has nothing to do with that. A couple of years ago I was involved in getting a few thousand more copies printed but it was still in print, although low, at that time.

As was also said above, this was one of a series that were subcontracted by Smith and Hawken to Workman and the person who contacted me from SESE said that his return e-mail said that it wasn't uncommon for the Smith and Hawken books to go out of print.

So I'm not upset about any royalties I didn't get. ( smile)


Wake Forest, NC

I got Carolyn's book back in 2009 off of Amazon for 16.88!

This is a must-have book for any tomato grower/lover!


Helena, MT

Well it looks like we may have a real collector's item here. Do I hear $350???

Cleveland Heights, OH(Zone 5b)

Hi Carolyn...

Any reason why you couldn't write a volume 2? Just an idea...

Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

Antoinine. I think I answered that in my April 24 post when I wrote:

(No, there will be no second 100 or whatever as many have asked for. Physically that's way beyond me now. What does interest me are the suggestions that I do a text only book on the histories of tomato varieties that interest me.)

More specifically I fell in Dec of 2004 and severed all four quads in my right leg and the fall was due to the fact that I had two bad hips.

DEspite two new hips one of the quads didn't return to function, I'm just lucky to still have my leg attached since severing all four is very rare, so since then I've had to use a walker.

So no more growing hundreds of plants and varieties each season, just about 40 plants here at home now and for those I send the seeds to a friend in NC who raises the plants and sends them up here and someone else does all my gardening for me now b'c I can't. And I have three folks, two in NC and one in IL who do seed production for me for my SSE listings as well as my free seed offer each year if I have enough seeds.

I designed many new perennial gardens when I knew I couldn't get out there and get my hands in the dirt and those gardens give me plenty of flowers for Freda to bring in, she who cleans and does gardening for me.

So no, no second hundred even though sine the book was published I've grown another about 1500 varieties.


Helena, MT

I received my two copies of Carolyn's book the other day and I am amazed that with all the pictures this book could have been produced for the price which SSE is still offering it for. Best order your copies soon folks; any future printings will cost a great deal more if it happens! Nice work Carolyn.

Clifton, VA(Zone 7a)

Another source: I just bought Carolyn's book from Garden Harvest Supply for $16, but shipping was $10.65. Great book!

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

I'm so glad I found this thread ~ nearly had a stoke yesterday from seeing the asking price. Even saw one listed as a slightly worn/used 'collectors copy' for $202! Just purchased from SSE for a grand total of 22.95, including shipping.

Carolyn, you are one hot commodity! ;)

Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

I'm bringing this thread back to the top since two folks d-mailed me about my book and their questions are answered in this thread.

To know me is to know that I never remember to check my D-mail and only after I get a notice do I check it.

So for those two folks, rather than answering individually, the questions you asked are answered in this thread.


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