Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

Thought I'd posted this, but I guess it winged off into cyberspace. I bought two artichoke plants last week, and can't decide what to do with them. To Bale, or not to Bale?
Anybody have any experience? I'll be reading up on them, I think they may need two years to mature, but I may be way off.
Maybe I'll just plant one in a bale, and one in a pot. Maybe buy another today, and put it in the ground, just to cover all bases.

Pipersville, PA(Zone 6b)

If they're 'perennials', I definitely wouldn't put them in bales. They'd need to be in the ground to withstand winter, even down there, I'd think. Plus, the bales won't last but, hopefully, the plants will.

Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

At most, they're biennials. Some of my bales overwinter well, so it's a toss up. I've got stuff going into last years bales today, as seeds.
I'm gonna 'speriment....


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