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My chicks arrived on Easter Sunday! (:>)

Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

Can you believe the post office called me on Easter Sunday to pick up my chicks!? All of our grandchildren were here at our house. They were really excited when we got home with them. Here are just 3 pictures for now… (:>)


Thumbnail by Glenda_Michigan
Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

Forgot to say, the picture above is of our youngest grandson, Camden. :)

This photo is of our youngest grandchild, Lilli. :) ....Just in case you notice and wonder.... She had just finished a BLUE ring-sucker. lol

Thumbnail by Glenda_Michigan
Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

Here's my new batch of chicks!! They're soooo cute!!

Thumbnail by Glenda_Michigan
Richmond, TX

Cute chicks and cuter kids! I can't believe your post office; ours would never bother.

Ferndale, WA

What a wonderful gift, and on Easter of all days...That is incredible, it could not have been planned any better. The children and the babies are gorgeous. Glenda it just doesn't get any better. I'm sure you had a wonderful day... Beautiful grandchildren...God is so very good...Hay

Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

Yes He is, Hay, and faithful in all things! We are truly blessed, and you're right, it doesn't get any better than this! I am in my glory when all our kids and grandbabies are around us! We are very blessed to have them all within a couple country miles of us so we see them just about every day. What a treasure they are! ....We had a glorious Easter; the perfect day, and the chicks' arrival was just the icing on the cake. The Lord is good! ....The One who created the heavens and the earth and all living creatures, handles the smallest of blessings and details; I love that He cares about the little things too. Today it just happened to be chicks for our grandbabies. :)

Porkpal, it was the US Mail's distribution center in Lansing that called me! I was shocked to get their call. When I asked them what time they closed, they said, "We're here 24/7. Come any time." ....Wasn't expecting that! ;) So after our big Easter dinner, and egg hunt with the kids was done, we headed to Lansing! I wasn't the only one with Easter chicks; there was a whole cart stacked with them! ....Their peeping sounded like sweet music in that big old warehouse! ;)

Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

Now those are the days we rememebr all our lives. Your Grandkids will have that stort to tell every Easter, and it will remain one of the Best Days of their lives. I still remember when my trail of jellybeans led to a bunny :)

I once picked up chicks on a Sunday, and like you, was smiling at the sound of so many "peeps" in the big 'ol warehouse. Even the workers were smiling as they passed the stack of chirps.

Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

Catmad, that's awesome!! A trail of jelly beans that lead to a bunny!! I may have to borrow that idea sometime!! How cool!

So you got Easter chicks one time too! Then you KNOW what a special day it was for our grandbabies!! :) ....Two of them spent the night last night. They just woke up and are already asking if we can go check on the chicks, so we're off to the barn!! .....Let the memory making continue..... Be back later! ;-)

Lodi, CA(Zone 9b)

Awwww! This is just the best thread ever! Congratulations Glenda!! Your grandchildren are darling!

Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

My chicks were only Sunday chicks, not Easter, but it was neat all the same. The Post Office is much different than during the week, and I felt they opened especially for me to get my New Babies ;)

The jellybeans were tradition (and I would be thrilled to see it used). They started at the top of the stairs,(where there was a basket), one side for me, one for my brother. We followed them down the stairs, picking them up, and sampling them as we went. They always led to the dining room, usually to the table, and an Easter Gift. It seems my brother has continued to do this for himself and my Mom, but I suspect it's shorter now, maybe just on the table.

My favorite Easter memories weren't even in this country. The family went on a cruise, and we flew into Venice the Saturday before Easter. Big, very fancy hotel. I was prepared. I ran jellybeans from the other rooms to mine, and had Easter Baskets for everyone. Fortunately the rooms were close together, but I'd bet there were some good stories about the Crazy Americans. The staff was up and about, and looked a bit perplexed.
The next Sunday we were in Greece, and their Easter was that week, so that was the year of Two Easters. Great fun to see the traditions in different countries, we were very lucky to time things so well *G*.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

Happy they did that or they may have died. I would be mad at the company shipping them so late on a Holiday weekend.

Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

Can't speak for Glenda, but mine had been shipped on Saturday for Monday delivery, so I just thought of them as being early.

(Zone 5b)

Very cute chicks, but those grandkids of yours are gorgeous!!

Bridgewater, ME

Grandkids and baby chicks you can`t beat that for cuteness

Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

Thanks everyone! I think our grandbabies are beautiful, but of course I'm their Amma. ;) They're having a blast with the new chicks. Each grandkid picked out one. Lilli's chick's name is Gloria. Cam hasn't named his yet. Logan named his Dr. Cluckenstein (don't ask me why), and Wade named his Red-Robin. :) Connor and Heath have yet to name theirs but I'm sure they will soon. .....Last night, Logan (age 10) went out to the brooder with me and helped me take care of 5 cases of "pasty-butt". :) He's a good sport. I did hear a few "that's gross" though. lol :-D

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