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April 26th, 2011: Morning Glory 'Blue Star' (Ipomoea tricolor) by gardenpom

Portland, OR(Zone 8a)

The Bloom of the Day for April 26th, 2011 was Morning Glory 'Blue Star' (Ipomoea tricolor).

View the bloom of the day here:

(Zone 1)


Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9a)

Beautiful shot! That color really pops;o)

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Very pretty!! i was thinking.. Boy i''d love to have that... then i read the name and I did. but mine were not as blue... more white with a touch of blue. I need to see if i have more seeds.

Victoria, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks for sharing! Love the shade of blue. I just tried MG's from seed. First time ever. They have been blooming 3 days so far. Lovely shot.

Melbourne, FL

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

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